Action Figure Stands for POTF2 Figures.
I need about 200-250 of them.

Any loose figures. I have most carded, but I want some to display. Send your list.

Also GI Joe figures & vehicles from the 80s & 90s.


Millennuim Falcon PC Game Playset (loose, no figure)

Action Fleet: Imperial Shuttle (loose, 1 landing gear, cannon broke & missing)
Action Fleet: Trade Federation MTT MIB
Action Fleet: Republic Cruiser MIB
Action Fleet: Mos Espa Market MIB
Action Fleet: Podracer Hanger Bay MIB

Cards: 120-Card CCG Game (played twice)
Cards: Topps ROTJ Trading Cards (36 packs still in box)

PC Game: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter (with expansion pack)
PC Game: Wing Commander-Prophecy (feat. Mark Hammil)

Cup Toppers: Darth Vader x2, Stormtrooper
Game: Escape From Death Star Board Game (no figures)
Comic: Star Wars (Marvel, issues #1, #6 both from 1977)
Movies: The Original Trilogy THX (last release before special editions)
Book: Special Episode 1 book given out by Block Buster (released in Canada only)

SNES: Super Star Wars
SNES: Super Empire Strikes Back
SNES: Super Return Of The Jedi

MISC: Internal Iomega Zip Drive w/100MB disc
MISC: Windows XP Home CD (not CDR)

I'd like to make a few quick and large trades to get rid of this stuff.

Boba Fitt