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    Plastic Wasteland

    Holler if you hear me........

    I can't find anything . From the Orn Free Ta wave upward, I look and look and all there is is Jango Fett Kamino Escape, Kit Fisto, Padme, R2, Kit Fisto, Kit Fisto, and Kit Fisto. And oodles of them. What is the freaking deal?

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    Yeah it's the same thing around here pretty much. I finally found my Yoda and Dooku at the same store on one visit! All the others are the same for every store.
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    I hear you, Fulit.
    That's basically all I see too, but yesterday I saw some Dooku's, Jango FB's and some Mace GR's, but I found them when I was out of town. But anything within close proximity has nothing but what you mentioned.
    What are the stores waiting for? If this is some kind of plan they've devised, it backfired - I'm going to for the One of Every Figure Club!
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    The worst store by me is KB they have #1-#14 ever since April 23rd! But I just went too toysrus and got the rest of what I needed.
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    If you can go on the weekend mornings (Saturday the best)at TRU you can find some good stuff. I get to my local TRU about 10 minute before opening and I usally find what I need. Yesterday I picked up the Massif and Endor soldior waves. Good luck!
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    Yeah I've noticed that TRU is really good at keeping up with the new figures.
    Dooku Fett's Star Wars Site

    “If you want me to take a dump in a box and mark it guaranteed, I will. But I don’t have the time.”
    -Chris Farley from Tommy Boy

    "She's gone from suck to blow."
    -Zanders from Spaceballs

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    Maybe your TRU is, Dooku Fett. My TRU is overflowing with the first waves. Forget Attack of the Clones, it's more like Attack of Zam Wasell, Nikto, and Captain "Pegwarmer" Typho. Oh, and Kit Fasto. Can't forget Kit Fasto.

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    I found Dooku on the 23rd.Since then,NOTHING.Just a bunch of OPD Anakins,Padmes,C-3P0s and Kit Fistos.I'm just hoping I'll see something new by June.(I doubt it).
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    TRU is the best I've seen at keeping up with new figs. I saw quite a few Dookus and Yodas (scarecest figs of the EpII figs around here) yesterday morning. I have yet to see the wave with Orn Free Ta, Endor Soldier, etc., but did find those at Wal-Mart.

    I think if we're all patient, TRU will come thru on all the figs for us. Seems to be the case so far.

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    I have never even a Dooku in retail yet. I actually had to resort to that cursed realm of Ebay for Dooku, Bespin Luke and Vader. At least I didn't have to pay too high prices for them. The problem is that stores here order a glut for the 23rd, and never reorder after that. It's getting to the point where CC Obi Wan and even OPD Anakin are getting hard to find. All that's left is pegs and pegs of Jar Jar, Kit Fisto, Super Battle Droid, etc. The retail market here is a joke, totally incompetent.


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