Did anyone go to the sci-fi show today (Sunday). I went and managed to pick up 13 figs:

Kabe & Muftak @ 5
Leia w/ sail barge cannon @ 5
Pote Snitkin @ 4
Death Star Droid w/ Mouse Droid @ 4
Tusken Female W/ child (background) -------------
Captain Typho w/ background-----------------------
Shaak Ti w/ background ( 10 on it's own)--------
Battle Droid W/ background-------------------------- All 6 Ep 2 figs for
Plo Koon W/ background------------------------------ 35
Boba Fett (young) w/ background-------------------
Yoda @ 6
Djas Puhr @ $6

Although I managed to pick up some good bargains there were also a lot of scalpers there. I also saw Orn Free Ta for 8 and Palpatine for 8. A good deal there was all three 25th anniversary figures for 21. No sign of Dooku!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me know who else went and what bargains (if any) you found.