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    The most disapponting POTJ figueres

    In your opinion, which POTJ figures were you most disappointed with?
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    I tend to like them even if they are crappy, although I would like to see Hasbro make figures that are consistant. So my answer is none cause they are kids toys and I'm a big kid. LOL

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    Both Darth Mauls were kinda eh, and so was the Jedi Armor Qui-Gon, and alot of them lack articulation that's needed, but overall the majority of them were quite good.
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    If I had to throw out one figure from the line, it would be that first Obi Wan. The one in the chocolate shell. That thing is hideous. I mean all it is is TPM Obi with that brown plastic cloak. ughhh.
    If I had to throw out 2 figures, the other one would be Ketwol, just because he has (and still is) warmed the pegs for so long.
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    I didn't really like any of those non-movie figures. Qui-Gon Jin in a Jump Suit? Darth Maul in a yellow jacket? What's up wth that?
    If Yoda is capable of kicking someone's @$$, imagine what a muppet could do!

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    These really sucked and should've been axed and melted down IMHO:
    - Anakin Mechanic.
    - Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi (Choco-Wan).
    - Obi-Wan Kenobi in Cold Weather Gear (Snowbi-Wan).
    - Darth Maul Final Duel.
    - Darth Maul Sith Apprentice.
    - Qui-Gon Jedi Armor.
    - R2-D2 Naboo Escape.
    - Jar Jar Tatooine.
    - Bespin Guard.

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    I think the ones that should have been scrapped were R2-D2, Anakin mechanic, and JarJar. Now dont get me wrong, I am one of the few people who like Jar Jar, but did we really need another version of any of these characters? Also what is up with General Leia, did someone wash her in hot water? She looks a lot smaller then most of the other figures.

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    the most useless was Choc-obi
    I loved the Eu figs though and loved to take Maul apart (till I got my E1 2-pack version which is much better)
    although Ketwol is a pegwarmer (I wish he was here so I could get another) he looks amazing and is actually 2 aliens in one

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    Re: The most disapponting POTJ figueres

    Originally posted by Hasbro'sBountyHunter
    In your opinion, which POTJ figures were you most disappointed with?
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    When good action figures go bad!

    Anakin Mechanic, Chocobi-Wan, Moisture Farmer Qui-Gonn, Naboo Escape Artoo are the obvious choices.

    However, the biggest disappointment goes to the Biker Scout, I had such high hopes for this figure as they are one of my favorite Imperial Troopers (although if I see one more short, overweight girl in a Biker Scout suit from the 501st, that might change). I still like the figure, but it fell short in so many ways: couldn't sit on the Speeder Bike, somewhat useless pose, lack of articulation. However, I have learned to love the figure and it remains one of my favorites.

    Zutton would be another one, since he seems so unfinished as far as paint deco goes.

    R4, because I would rather have had the originally planned R5.

    I could go on all day....
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