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    I just have to ask this, because I just don't see the big deal. What's the appeal in collecting the 12" series? I can't get into them because they're like dolls. I'm not criticizing any one for getting them, I just don't see their appeal.
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    They offer compfort when its dark. They can be your friends at a tea party. They can be there for you when you need a plastic, non-emotional face to turn to.

    I like alot of em' because you can do things with them that you can't with the 3 inch figures. Not much though unfortunatly...oh! You can POSE them! And uh...they'll be worth money?
    Some have just really great sculpts on them that you couldn't get with the 3 inch line.
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    Bump! Now that there's renewed interest on these!
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    Actually they look less like dolls and more like large scale action figures. I just got 12" Jango and he is posed in the same pose that comes in the regular action figure of Jango (firing his pistol). He really does look like an action figure, just bigger.

    As soon as I can take a photo, I'll post it.
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    Bigger is better!

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    Re: Collector Series

    1) Complete set? - Nope.
    2) Open them? - Yep.
    3) Variants? - Hell no.
    4) Favorite figure? - Bib, Bossk, Jango.
    5) Best overall? - Bossk, Jango.

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    1) Do you have the complete set (includes store exclusives)?
    Nope, only those I like or those I don't intend to buy in the first place but bought them anyway because its on clearance

    2) Did you open them?
    Yes I do. But like many, space is a big constraint. So, 1/3 of my collections are still in the box.

    3) Did you bother going for the variants (dark blue or light blue insert)?
    No, I'm a "figure" person and I would not buy twins just because they are package differently.

    4) Which is your favorite figure?
    Used to be Han Solo Trash Compactor Stormie disguise. Now its the Clone Trooper.

    5) Which figure do you consider the best overall in terms of sculpt, paint job, accessories, etc?
    Sculpt - Luke Hoth & Yoda - its a tie
    Paint Job - Yoda (the one individual packed Action Collection)
    Accessories - Han Solo Hoth, love the bino.


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