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    Thumbs up Yoda finally revealed. His heart and soul.

    AOTC biggest success is in finally rounding out the character of YODA. We get to see his sensitive side when he expresses his happiness that Padme is unhurt. We also see his humorous side when he tells the younglings that Obi-wan has lost a planet. Of course, then we finally get to see Yoda's kick butt side as well, finally giving him the opportunity to prove to us why he IS THE Jedi master.
    But how many of you watched Yoda's mannerisms during the film? When Palpatine first suggested an "old friend, perhaps Master Kenobi," Yoda's face showed an expression of curiousity as if he knew something was going on. Later of course, we have the scene where Yoda feels Anakin's pain. Did you notice the tears welled up in Yoda's eyes? Also, When Anakin is yelling at Obiwan to land the ship to rescue Padme and the scene cuts to Yoda you can see that he is sensing Anakin's trouble.
    But the scene that is the most interesting to me comes at the end of the film when Obi-wan is talking to Mace and Yoda about Sidious being behind everything. Do they know Sidious is Palpatine? Is he a clone? Was he a Jedi? What is the story here? And if they don't know who he is why do they say they are going to keep close watch on the senate? ANy Star Wars historians out there to clue me in?
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    The reason they're going to keep close watch on the Senate is because it was established that there were many Senators (I think the number was over 100) that were under the control of Sidious. So the Senate poses a threat. That's why they said they're gonna watch over them.

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    i see what your saying mace, ever since i saw the OT i've seen Yoda as the force, nit a user, but the absolute ebodyment f the force. Which is why i didn't like yaddle that much, yoda was the man and now there a girl one out of no where, well she's gone and now yoda comes around, he's loving, funny, kick@**, and evrything a pewrson who is one with the force at all times should be.
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    And let's not forget Yoda's tactical abilities on the battlefield. He was a pretty good General, I thought.

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    Yoda is THE master. His character was rounded out perfectly in this film. Coming in I wasn't sure if I was going to like the new CGI Yoda, but having seen the movie 3 times now I have to say that it didn't bother one bit. The combination of Frank Oz and the brilliant animators on Team Yoda at ILM really did a fantastic job. I never once found my self saying "man that just doesn't look right". He was great. I can't wait to see more of him in Episode 3.
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