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    Grey Jango,Bloody Bespin Luke,And Many More Variations

    Have to Trade:

    2X Bloody Bespin Luke
    2x Bespin Luke W/peg instead of Magnet
    1X Grey Jango Fett W/BGC
    1X Clone Trooper W/O Dots on Figure But have on Card
    1X green Eyed Yoda
    1X Red eyed Jango Fett
    1X Super Battle Droid W/BGC and W/the Error Card A true First Release

    Jorg Sacul
    ToyFair Vader
    Blue Visor Jango Fett
    Luminara Unduli W/Removable Cloak Text

    And any other True Error/ Variations

    I 'm out of town till Friday. Should be able to Do some Scans then.

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    I'm interested in the two Bloody Lukes, but i don't have anything you need. I do have a Geonosian Warrior with a Background that I noticed you needed a couple of days ago. Let me know if you still need it and if not I'd be willing to buy the Luke's from you.
    "Good. Bad. I'm the guy with the gun."

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    I have a Dooku with Darth Sidious hologram looking down. I also have a Kit Fisto without the saber in his hands. I'm in need of not the bloody Luke, but the one with peg instead of a magnet and the Clonetrooper with no dots on the figure. Let me know, please.

    I also have some hard to find Action Fleet and regular vehicles to trade.

    If you are interested please E-mail me here:


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    what else do you have to trade
    I prefer Variation or hard to find Figures ....
    I just found another Grey Jango Fett.I have 3 of Count Dooku W/Sidious looking down,1 with the chain links not colored.I have a burn victim Yoda hes got a black scar on his left side of his face.Then theres the Green eyed Yoda.
    Things you find when the Pegs dont have anything New.

    Email me your have list...

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    I have a Dooku with a black/grey spot in his hair. It is almost like a paint spot dripped on him and it is totally noticeable from his white hair. If you are interested in this I could trade you.
    "Good. Bad. I'm the guy with the gun."

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    I have a freeze frame Endor Rebel Soilder w/AT-ST driver freeze frame MOMC. I'll trade that for both Lukes! LMK
    Of course that's just my opinion...I could be wrong!

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    no thank you.

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    Luminara Unduli W/Removable Cloak Text
    please email me at
    thx Ken

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    At Toysrus I saw a clone trooper with 8 dots would you need this?

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    Have Blue Jango and others

    I have a Blue Visor Jango, Captain Typho with no helmet packaged with him, Light Helmet Captain Typho, Silver Helmet Boba Fett (no black) with a silver antenna. Let me know if you're interested. You can reach me via email at Thanks.



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