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    Is the TIE Bomber and Luke's Snowspeeder worth $85?

    I just found them for 85 together is that a good deal, is it worth it?

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    They retail for $29.99 each, and they're still available at retail, so $42.50 each isn't what I would call a good deal.

    Try haggling with the seller - $70 + shipping for them both. If that doesn't work, offer $35 for the TIE Bomber. You should be able to pick up the Speeder later at a potential discount - but the TIE is a new mold, so that should be your first priority.

    In your collecting adventures, keep the seller's profit to a minimum, and for a newer item like this, request the receipt of purchase to show him or her that you're knowledgeable as to the market value of the item. And if you're not satisfied with the response you get, then try again with somebody else. It may be exclusive, but it's not going to be impossible to find at a reasonable price.
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    I see those everywhere...just passed up a TIE Bomber Thursday, as a matter of fact.

    Don't pay scalper prices...the TIE Bomber is the best vehicle in a long time, and the Snowspeeder is a rehash...not much better than the POTF one that came out a few years ago. Keep looking, you'll find them.

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    I got them both for 21 plus shipping and a Jek Porkins, it that good?

    Thanks for the reply!

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    Sounds to me like a fair deal, actually.

    The TIE BOMBER is by far the best vehicle EVER in the line IMOP. (See my review for additional thoughts on this.) Seriously, you won't be disappointed. This ship is way beyond sweet!

    I already had the POTF2 Snowspeeder --- so I passed on this latest version. But I hear it's okay for a rehash.

    Enjoy your Bomber . . .

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    Could anybody help me out with the Bomber?


    I live in Canada where the TIE BOmber has not been released, and never will be. Could anybody help me by getting me one? I"ll pay for shipping, and even include a little extra. Please help a lady in distress!

    Princess Leila ^_^

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    I got both off eBay at prices I could live with: $37 for TieBomber, $31 for Snowspeeder. The nearest Wal-mart is 1 hour and 15 minutes from where I live (by train) and it costs like $10 to go there by Caltrain, so I probably saved money this way...


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