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    WM here has quite a few AT-STs. I'd like to get one but maybe WM will roll back the price. It's a $30 vehicle tops.

    I saw remnants of the ROTJ revision wave with the gray "warthog" Ugnaught at WM today too. I picked up the Ugnaught.
    Weird War Tales: Featuring the Creature Commandos #105 November 1981 (DC Comics)

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    I saw my first Target exclusive Wedge and X-wing in the stores today. It's nice, but not $50 nice.

    I picked up one of the Geo sets at the NA Target. It was one of the newly produced Jedi.

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    I saw all those Geonosis two packs at Target today too. Prequel stuff doesn't really interest me but I was surprised to see Coleman Trebor in one pack. That was a hard to find figure at one time.

    I went to Avon and Plainfield today and found that ROTJ wave to be quite plentiful at both WM and Target. I picked up another set of those so now I'll be able to return the ones I got at Kmart for $9 a pop.

    Also saw the Freeco Speeder with Obi-Wan and very nearly bought it, but passed for now. Seemed like a neat vehicle for $16; plus I don't have the figure. LEGO is releasing their own version of this speeder in 2010 so I may just wait and get that one.
    Weird War Tales: Featuring the Creature Commandos #105 November 1981 (DC Comics)

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    Well I went out last night and found the new Ugnaught at the Avon Target and then stopped at the Avon Meijer where they had put out a bunch of the TPM wave, so I finally grabbed the last two of them I need. So I am caught up again until the ANH wave gets here. They seem to be hitting California now.

    Also, K-Mart has their multi-pack figure set on sale this week for $19.96. The West Washington street one had the Endor battle pack and the Clone Wars one with the giant worm. I left them both for someone who might appreciate them more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darth maul rat View Post
    So I am caught up again until the ANH wave gets here. They seem to be hitting California now.
    The ANH and ROTS waves have been found in Louisville. I still haven't picked up the ROTJ wave, yet.

    I'm running behind. Somebody better have figures on sale real soon!!!

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    I've hit 12 stores in the last 24 hours:

    Target - Fishers (116th street) - remnants of ROTJ wave.

    Target - Glendale - nothing new.

    Toys R Us - Castleton - nothing new.

    Wal Mart - Noblesville - have the ATST & Dewbacks. No Legacy figs tho.

    Wal Mart - Fishers (96th street) - have ATST & Dewbacks, remnants of ROTJ wave. Also had new comic packs - one of each: (Lumiya & Luke, Yuzon & Katan, Segal & Krayt).

    Wal Mart (71st & Keystone) - remnants of TPM & ROTJ waves.

    Wal Mart - Greenfield - had ATST & dewbacks but no Legacy figs.

    Meijer (96th street) - Found TPM, ROTJ, & ANH waves there - of all places...

    Kohl's - Noblesville - Found remnants of TPM & ROTJ waves.

    Kohl's (96th street) - nothing new.

    Kohl's (German Church Rd) - Found ROTS, TPM, & ROTJ waves.

    KMart (Pendleton Pike) - found ROTS, ROTJ waves

    Hope that helps everyone out a bit. Happy hunting!


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    I've had good luck at Meijer.

    I stopped at Kohl's Friday night during their big sale. Had two sections of SW figures; the bigger of the two was the older blue packaging and I'd swear that most of those figures were there last Christmas.

    Saw the new battle packs, minus the Republic gunship turrets, at the C'ville TRU today. Other than the Feluccia slug, wasn't impressed with the others.

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    Castleton Target had all of the ROTJ wave minus slave leia at around 5 o'clock today! They also had remnants of tatooine and attack of the clones waves.

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    Finally came across the ANH wave in its entirety at TRU today. Picked up Scanning Crew trooper x2, cantina aliens Kal Fas & Leesub Sirln (such a weird fig!), and Jawa & Security Droid.

    I passed on the concept Ki-Adi-Mundi and co-pilot Chewie, along with Han & R2 once again.
    Weird War Tales: Featuring the Creature Commandos #105 November 1981 (DC Comics)

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    The girlfriend needs a new Christmas tree, so we went out shopping last night. I found the remains of the ROTJ wave at Target, and picked up Prune Face.

    I found part of the CW, ROTJ, ANH and AOTC waves at the NA Meijer. No sign of the scanner tech. : (


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