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    Found Boba Fett and concept Ki-Adi at Meijer. Other than that, nothing new.

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    I saw the new tank the other day. It was either at WM or Target; can't remember which.

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    The girlfriend found the cold weather Annie for me in Florida!!! She's on the lookout for others in the new CW wave.

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    Saw the new WM exclusive comic packs today at the NA store. I liked the Imp and the droid set better than the scout trooper set.

    Nothing else new to report.

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    Found the following new comic packs at the Meijer at 96th street and I69 tonight:

    * T'ra Saa and Tholme
    * Ulic Qel-Droma and Exar Kun
    * Darth Krayt and Sigel Dare
    * Clone Lieutenant and trooper (orange E3 clones)
    * Shadowtrooper with Black Hole Hologram
    * Clone trooper and clone commander (Kashyyyk)

    There was only one of each pack and priced at close to $15 each. I passed on all of them after seeing them in person. If Sigel Dare's eyes were painted better I would have at least picked that one up. Still, money is tight for me right now, so I wasn't able to pick anything up anyway.

    Happy Hunting!

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    My WM still has 10 AT-STs at regular price, but moved them to a different spot. So they finally might drop the price.

    Still haven't seen the new comic packs. I hear Target is the place to go, but I keep missing them.

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    The TRU exclusive wave of figures have been spotted in my area. I went and checked today but they were all gone. The new droid parts look pretty cool.

    Still haven't seen the latest CW wave. : (

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    Anyone else having a difficult time finding the last CW wave?

    The AT-STs are finally gone at the NA WM. Don't know what the final price was.

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    After months of eluding me, I found the dome and third leg for the blue R2 unit!!!! Really made my day.

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    I hit the TRU on East Washington in Indy on Friday around noon and they didn't have anything on the pegs that resembled the EU wave.

    On Saturday I was in Lafayette and hit the TRU there and found the same thing. Nothing, not even the remnants that some of the California guys talk about. But I did find a really cool Friday the 13th Hockey Mask that NECA has put out.

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