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    I talked to the woman working in the Avon WM tonight and asked her if they would be adhering to the street date. She said the way things worked with their backstock was, if it came off the truck it went on the floor, no matter what the street date was. I told her about the TRU deal and she was surprised, and all she could really tell me was keep checking back.

    That is what really surprised me about the whole TRU deal. We are still 33 days away from the street date. Even at the Midnight Madnesses, I talked to TRU people and they were not expecting to get product until right before the street date. This was no mistake. With limited storage space in these stores anyway, no distributor would send product to a store with the intent for it to take up space for over a month. For whatever reason, TRU got the figures with the intent that they would be sold early, and Hasbro was part of it.

    At least my gut says so...

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    So much for the August embargo date: I saw a few of the new packaged figures at the Clarksville TRU today. No new figures, just the rehashed Legends stuff.

    Also, there were only four or six figures on the pegs at the Clarksville WM. Pretty sad.

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    Picked up the grub on clearance at the NA Target for $16.73.

    Also picked up my Lando Hallmark ornament over the weekend.

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    TRU in Greenwood had 5 or 6 cases of the Vintage wave + both new CW waves as of about noon today. TRU on Washington street had nothing at all. TRU Castleton supposedly gets their truck tonight with product on the shelves tomorrow.

    CW and Saga figs are 2 for $9.99 right now but Vintage figs are still $9.99 each. I'm waiting until August 2nd when all other stores are carrying the Vintage product for a couple bucks cheaper...

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    I keep missing the new figs at TRU. I can wait a few more weeks.

    I did see the Naboo skiff battle pack. The ship was nice looking. Anakin was cool, too, but the paint job on the head wasn't the greatest.

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    TRU castleton put 5 cases of vintage clone wars and legends yesterday still had several hanging today. However, within the next 90 days if they reduce prices at tru you will get the difference back if you take in your receipt! They say AT-AT will be put out sunday? Good luck

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    i hope all TRUs honor the cash back receipt deal...that's why I've gotten them from TRUs right now...

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    The Clarksville TRU had most of the new vintage figures on the pegs today, minus Dak and the cloud car pilot. I thought the C3PO was awful when compared to the previous vintage 3PO. Luke was okay.

    And for $10, you'd think they'd come in a case!

    The cloud car and Luke's snowspeeder were on the shelves, too.

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    Found Jodo Kast today at the NA Kmart. Fresh outta the packing case. Really made my day.


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