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    As of tonight (09/07/10):

    Walmart at Pendleton Pike has the entire Wave 2 minus the Magna Guard.

    Toys R Us in Greenwood has the entire Wave 2 minus Magna Guard and Sideous.

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    Walmart Fishers had wv1&2 vintage along with foils. They marked legends and Clone Wars to $6.96. They had two sections. Toys R Us Castleton had new center mod along with aisle items. They had a ton of it. With that 9.99 price point on vintage it's no wonder?

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    Brownsburg Walmart had the entire Wave 2, until I left with the MagnaGuard. They also had the Jabba Throne. One was in good shape while the other box had a good bend in it.

    And I got my Mail in Fett Saturday.

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    Things were mostly dead around here this week. Target Plainfield had the Iron Man Whiplash 2-packs, and that was about it for anything new. They also got in the Winter Soldier wave of Marvel figures, and as usual I found the unmasked Iron Patriot but not the masked one. Is this really the variant?

    They opened a Toys R Us Express at Metropolis Mall in Plainfield, so I took the kids to check it out. It was more pathetic than I could have imagined. They had about a half a dozen of Vintage Wave 1, and a smattering of CW and SL figures. No Marvel Universe. Which was a bummer, since I had hoped to see the new Galactus exclusive. I didn't have time to trek across town to the nearest TRU. No new Slave 1's either. I probably wouldn't have bought it but I did want to see it. They compare these stores to KB, but they have a long way to go to best KB"s ability to cram a store full like they did.

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    Saw the second wave of vintage figures in abundance at the NA and C'ville WMs today. Really like the new head sculpt on Anakin.

    Still haven't seen the Jabba's throne in the stores, but I did have the chance to see it loose over the weekend. It's nice, but I might have to wait to get it.

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    Up here in Indianapolis, Wave 2 is in abundance. The Castleton TRU has a massive CW display in honor of season 3 starting. So the figures are in 2 places in the store. Up front this afternoon they had 3 cases of Wave 2 out + the Nikto CW exclusive guard (about 50 of them!).

    I picked up what I wanted from Wave 2 about a month ago in Chicago.

    I found the Jabba at the Lafayette Road Walmart about 2 weeks ago. They just had 2 of them and knowing how hard this thing is to find, I bought one for my father-in-law (he's been dying to get a decent Jabba).

    I'm still very happy with my vintage 1983 Jabba and don't think Hasbro has come as close to recreating the likeness since. I would like to get that dias though...

    Bring on wave 3!

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    Saw a lot of cool stuff over the weekend at the local Targets and WMs. The Target-exclusive retro-packaged snowspeeder and TIE were cool. Saw the swamp speeder, which might be a Christmas present.

    Found the flame-thrower clone at the Clarksville WM this weekend. I think that's all of the newer CW figures.

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    I hit 9 stores today across Indianapolis. Here's what I found...

    Jabba set is at Walmart at US31 and 146th Street in Westfield.

    Tie Bomber found at Walmart at Keystone Avenue & 75th Street.

    Found remnants of Vintage wave 3 at Target in Nora. They had 2 Jedi Luke's and one EIII Anakin (listed as Darth Vader) with the wave 5 figures on the back of the card.

    Found same EIII Anakin listed as Vader at Target at Glendale.

    So vintage wave 3 has been in Indy. Should start hitting more and more soon.

    Found the CW Mandalorian Battle Pack, the CW Arc Trooper Battle Pack, and the CW "winter" Battle Pack (feat. Thi-sen) at Toys R Us on Washington Street.

    I have not found any of the new CW figures at all. Looking for the wave with Boba / Embo. Anyone find this in Indy yet?

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    I hit the Target and WM in Plainfield tonight (11/16) and Target had the Renamed Anakin/Vader and that was the only sign of Wave 3. WM had restocked since I went there Saturday with my family, and this time they had four pegs stuffed full of Waves 1 and 2. No sign of any Wave 3.

    As for Clone Wars, I don't follow them too much so I am not the best person to ask, but I did notice they had the Ki-Adi Mundi figure in the I had not seen before. I will probably pick up the astromech from the Boba wave though.

    Monday night I hit the West Washington K-Mart and they had the remnants of the new wave there, but I didn't feel like paying their prices for them, even though it's probably only a buck apiece more. By the end of the month, all the stores will probably be lousy with them, so I figure I will get them eventually.

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    Persistence paid off. Found the entire vintage wave 3 (minus Wicket) this evening at Target at Washington Square.

    I am reading reports that in Colorado they have found the Boba / Embo CW wave at Walmarts... Should hit here soon.


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