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    I bought the CW Mando warrior and R4 from a buddy over the weekend. Boy, the Mando's rocket has a hair trigger on it! It shoots far and wide.

    A friend found the ROTJ vintage wave and brought them to show off. At first, I wasn't impressed with the Jedi Luke, since he's been released so many times, but the articulation makes it worth considering. Wicket comes with his ROTJ and Ewoks capes.

    My mail-away Fett arrived last week in minty condition. These should've been double-boxed to start with.

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    In the last 1 1/2 weeks, I've found the entire CW wave, except the new clone trooper. Young Boba and Embo eluded me until Friday.

    I have to say: the rocket sled with Quinlin Vos is a great accessory.

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    The CW waves are pretty plentiful at the WMs in my area, except for the Mando warrior.

    I noticed most of the Target-exclusives are gone.

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    The CW wave with young Boba is making its rounds up here in Indy. I've found that wave several times since Thanksgiving. I found the Quinlan Voss wave once - down in South Carolina over Thanksgiving. I am still missing the female alien bounty hunter (name eludes me at the moment) from that wave. Have not seen that wave since...

    I have found Vintage Wave 3 in several places. It is being snatched up quickly everywhere. It really is a great wave. It was an extra challenge to find 2 piggies this go around.

    There's only 3 or so figures from the AOTC Vintage wave that's coming that I'm interested in. Looks like my wallet will get a bit of a break in the first quarter of '11.

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    Scored a $19 Jabba today on clearance at the Lake Zurich, IL Walmart. I have visited a couple other Wally Worlds today in Indiana & Illinois. No $39 AT-ATs to be found... yet.

    I did find the Undead Geonosian at a Target in IL. Still looking for Cato.

    Noticing many Walmarts are splitting up their Star Wars figures. The Pendleton Pike (Indianapolis) Walmart has the SW section split into two aisles. Lots of TIE Bombers to be had (forgot to check the pricing on these to see if they are reduced). Noticing that almost all the Vintage figs have disappeared completely at the stores I'm visiting. Very few Vintage peg warmers. Mostly older CW waves rotting.

    Looking forward to the reset.

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    I noticed the price of figures at WM went back up to $6.96.

    I didn't see much SW on clearance. I'll be on the lookout for the TIE bomber.

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    OC47150 - I was in your area today & decided to see what the selection looked like.

    I first visited the TRU in Clarksville. Then the Walmart in Clarksville. Both were sorry for selection. But I remembered you talking about the Walmart in New Albany having the latest 2 CW waves... So I drove over to Grant Line Rd. and found the elusive Cato Parasitti figure I've been hunting since Thanksgiving. Thanks so much for the tip!

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    Glad I could help!

    I've been reading reports where WM's Jabba's throne is showing up for $19 in Louisville. The TIE bombers aren't clearanced, but I haven't seen them for about two weeks at C'ville or NA.

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    Well, I decided to call around this morning to the TRUs about the Endor Pilots pack. The first guy at Castleton said they had already had a couple of shipments come in and as soon as they hit the floor they were gone. East Washington didn't have any but suggested I try again on Tuesday when the next truck comes in. But the guy working in Greenwood grabbed me the last Set #2 and held it for me until I got there about a half hour later.

    They didn't have anything new in the Vintage line, and I checked the Wal-Mart down the road and it was more of the same.

    So the Pilot sets are out there, you just have to get lucky right now.

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    The pilot sets are a challenge to find down here, too. One store might have them an extra hour or two but they're selling out quickly.


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