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    Anyone still out????

    Very frustrated with the collecting scene right now. Nothing in the stores; I'm seriously contemplating about ordering figures by the case, if I can find them reasonably priced.

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    Found the lost wave at WM. Really love the artwork on these cards. IMO, Vader's is the best.

    I did end up ordering a case of figures to get Malgus and the other OR figures. I've pre-ordered the last wave of vintage, too.

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    I've had a pretty decent week: found the Republic drop ship at Target on Monday, my case of last vintage figures arrived, and found CW Wolfe and Fox at Meijer.

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    Newly packaged stuff is starting to filter into the stores but still no new figures.

    Been visiting the discount stores regularly for bargains and custom fodder.

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    Nice to see the new stuff showing up. Saw the 6-inch Maul and sandtrooper for the first time today in the stores. Liked the detail on both. Couldn't see if the stock on the sandtrooper's blaster folded out.

    Also saw the Padme and ceremonial Luke 3 3/4-inch figs for the first time toda. Thought the paint jobs on both could've been better.

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