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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    The local Super Wal-Mart finally dropped their price on the LEGO Cantina set to $10 so I bought all three. Figured I'd better get them since they're sold out at other regional Wal-Marts. The X-Wing is still at 50%.

    More Titanium vehicles were stocked too. I saw them in the novelty (junk) toy aisle this time.

    K-Mart dropped the price on the 12" VOTC to $15 but someone bought all the Stormtroopers. Just a bunch of Lukes left now.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    I've had a couple of crappy days at work, so I'm gonna hit a couple of stores on the way home tonight. The WM with the most Legos will be on the list.

    One of my fellow SW club members picked up a 12" VOTC stormie for me for $5. I'm getting that this weekend. Then I'll have all three.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    No price changes on the Legos. I will keep checking.

    The NA WM finally had ROTS sneaks in stock, but it was only the R2 unit.

    Nothing else of significance to report.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    Spotted the Jedi Starfighter for the first time at Super K-Mart, priced to move at $24.99. Haven't seen any preview figs lately. Seems like area Wal-Marts aren't stocking them at all.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    The starfighter is $20 at Target, if you can find it.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    Wal-Mart has the Jedi Starfighter in stock now for $20. There were quite a few of them shelved in the flex section in the novelty toy aisle.

    TRU has the Wookie Super Soaker in the seasonal area with the rest of the spring/summer toys. It retails for $14.99. The gun is pretty big and makes blaster sounds. Also spotted the Star Wars "space battle" lawn water slide. It's got X-Wings and TIEs on it and books for $9.99. This store has stocked more VOTC but they are still regular price. Saw a couple of Stormtroopers, along with Fett, Yoda, and lots of Lando.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    Stupid me bought a third Myo by mistake Saturday night. I'm going to exchange it for a ROTS or CW figure.

    My package from arrived on Saturday. I ordered the Manga poster so I could get the shop's exclusive ROTS promo trading card.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    I've bought figures that I already had too. It's difficult keeping track if you go a long time between finds. Now I keep track of everything with an Excel spreadsheet and a webpage I created.

    I haven't seen any preview figures in a long time. I figured the pegs would be overflowing with them by now.

    I picked up 3 LEGO X-Wings at Wal-Mart for $13 each. That's about it for the clearance sales in this area. I did see the Hasbro Falcon down to $15 but might hold off and see if it goes below $10.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    Wal-Mart has freshly stocked ROTS Preview figures. I picked up a set plus an extra Wookie. Lots of Wookies but few R4. But now I can return the $7 figures I bought at TRU. Also spotted the LEGO Starfighter and TIE at Wal-Mart for the first time. I had my hands full of figures so I couldn't price check them.

    Today's sightings on other action figure fronts:

    Ar, the heathen gods must have lifted their curse since I finally found a case of Pirates of the Caribbean figures at Suncoast. They retail for $11.99. I bought a set of Series I and two extra skeleton pirates.

    House of 1,000 Corpses Series I is also in stores. I saw them in Spencers and Suncoast today. Suncoast has them for $11.99; Spencers is a dollar more. The figures include Otis, Dr. Satan, and "All American" Captain Spaulding.

    Also saw the LOTR AOME "Heroes and Villians" assortment at Suncoast, $3.99 each.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    My Sideshow Toys Planet of the Apes astronaunt Taylor figure has shipped. Should have in a few days.

    I'll check Lego prices tonight or tomorrow.


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