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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    I was on ebay yesterday and noticed some ROTS legos-clicked into the description and noticed the seller was from Plainfeild. So I started calling all the stores around Plainfeild hoping to hear they had put them out, but to my luck, I couldnt find a store that had them for sale.Owell- probablly got them from somewhere else...

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    Check Meijer. A buddy called me yesterday to say some of the Louisville Meijers had end caps just full of the new ROTS Legos.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    thanks bud- I prolly shoulda just asked the seller, atho he might of not told me in hopes i would just bid on his auctions

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    Spotted three cases of E3 basic figures still on the pallet at K-Mart this morning. The cases have the "do not display until April 2" on them but since they were already open I went through them. The figures were all Collection 2, I think nos. 13-24. I scanned a "pregnant" Padme and it came up $6.99.

    I also saw the "Star Wars" Easter egg with stickers in it at Wal-Mart.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    Were you able to buy them? A fellow collector found some over the weekend but the figs scanned 'do not sell before April 2'.

    A buddy picked up two of the Easter eggs for my niece and nephew's baskets. I still haven't seen them. He has one for me, too.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    At $7 each, I didn't even think about buying them, OC. I used one of those customer price scanners to check the price, so no messages about not selling them.

    I saw the Easter eggs in the aisle with the rest of the Easter novelty stuff. They were in a cardboard tray with other licensed-character eggs.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    I've been reading the stories this morning about people finding the figures at Kmart and not being able to buy them.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    I found the Unleashed today at K-Mart and bought it. Then they wouldnt sell me the Force Battlers.
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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    Of course the real mystery is why one would want to buy the Force Battlers

    K-Mart apparently put the cases of E3 figures back in the stockroom.

    Saw a new Darth Vader-helmet kite at TRU today. It was quite large, 33"x34", made of rip-stop polyester with fiberglass spars. From the Kite Factory, $9.99.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    Well it may be the illiterate people at meijer, or it may be that im just lucky, but i scored all the ROTS lego sets (except vader transformation) today at their avon location. Now if i can only restrain myself from not doing them all in one night


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