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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    I stopped by TRU today on a whim and damn if they didn't have loads of new crap. I thought about going outside to check to make sure I was in the right store.

    This is what I saw:

    LEGO Imperial Inspection and nearly all of the ROTS sets. Many of the larger sets have a 'try-me' display window with the new Jedi with light-up lightsaber mini-figs. The four-armed LEGO Grievous looks pretty cool! TRU is also running a BOGO 50% off sale this week so it was mighty tempting to get the new stuff. I may go back on Friday for them.

    12" Ultimate Vader with Anakin, alternate scarred head, and Vader costume. Very appealing display box! Curving plastic front cover over the backing box. If I remember correctly, it scanned at $45.

    Playskool Jedi Force Yoda with Swamp Stomper and Anakin with Rescue Glider. I understand these are for kids, but Yoda looks goofy.

    ERTL/AMT Model Kits are back. On shelves were the Death Star, Millennium Falcon (both $20), X-Wing, AT-ST, and Snowspeeder (all $13). I started a new thread about these in the "Other (Star Wars)" section.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    Cool about the new stuff at TRU.

    My WM had the CW three-packs; I bought one of each. It's a sharp-looking package.

    The WM also had a nice stand-alone Lego display in the toy section.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    [QUOTE=Ji'dai]Did everyone watch the Season III premiere on Cartoon Network last night? I wished it was another 12 minutes longer.

    Was it just me or did the new ones seem to be geared more twoards children and less twoards sw fans? They seemed a little bit corny to me- but hey, star wars is star wars

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    I thought the villian at the beginning of last night's episode (the guy in red) was a little bufoonish, even for a cartoon.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    ya he was- it would take 1000 jedi for me to change my mind about him

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    Well I hinted to family about the ROTS LEGO at TRU and their BOGO 50% off sale and I have it on pretty good authority that I'll be getting the Clone Turbo Tank, Wookie Catamaran, Grievous Chase, and Jedi Starfighter w/ Vulture Droid for my birthday

    Wal-Mart still has a good quantity of DVD-Animated figure sets left. They don't look like they were touched at all really. I think this release slipped under the radar of most collectors.

    Suncoast has the ROTS Republic Gunship on the shelves for $29.99.

    Suncoast also has SOTA Toys "Now Playing" Series 1 with Toxic Avenger, Darkman, and some demon guy; $12.99. Also saw Blue Brothers action figures - Belushi & Akroyd's bases hook together. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Darla figure (Welcome to the Hellmouth variant) is on the pegs as well.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention that GameStop had the Jakks Pacific ROTS plug-n-play video game/controller on the pegs, $19.99.
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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    I think a lot of fans were caught off-guard with the the CW 3-packs. One of my local club members works at WM and thought another set was going to be released.

    I'd like to have a couple of loose ARC troopers to play with.

    The boss is letting us go early for the holiday, so I finally get to swing by Circuit City to get the CW DVD.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    Picked up the cw dvd this weekend-best part about the whole dvd is that you can watch all the chapters together w/o any commercials

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    Picked up the CW DVD at Circuit City for $12 and some change. Haven't watched it yet.

    The CW 3-packs were still plentiful at two WMs so I picked up a second Obi-Wan/Ani/ ARC trooper for opening.

    Also found the cantina #1 set for $14 at Kmart.

    Now waiting for Friday night, Saturday morning...

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    me neither- im so gonna get up at 6 just to get a Target exclusive Vader


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