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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    Spotted small ROTS LEGO sets at Waldenbooks.

    Suncoast has a sale on their ROTS Star Wars merchandise:
    Basic figures are $5.60
    Deluxe figures are $8.
    Vehicles w/figure and Unleashed are $12.
    12" and Jedi Starfighters are $16.

    Older SW toys are also on sale (though not as cheap as the ROTS stuff) as well as Gentle Giant busts and Master Replicas mini-lightsabers.

    Also spotted the Buffy the Vampire Slayer "Book of Vengeance" box set, $39.99.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    I found some ROTS basic figs at Kroger today. They weren't priced, so I had a cashier scan one. Turns out the figs aren't in the system so she said she'd sell them to me for $4.99. So I went back and grabbed 3 Clone Commanders, a Clone Pilot, and a blue-saber Palpatine. Pretty good deal since their SAGA/OTC figs were usually $6.99.

    Suncoast has X-Files Palz, which are block figures like Kubricks I think. Palz are made by Palisades and they run $7.99. They had Agents Mulder & Scully and a number of weird characters from the show: the Enigma, Flukeman, Gray Alien, etc.

    Game Stop has McFarlane Conan Series 2 figures. The only one I liked from this set is the undead Egyptian priest.


    EDIT: This evening's finds...

    Scored some great stuff this evening! On a whim, I decided to hit the Wal-Mart in neighboring Clinton, IN. They had figures #33-40 except for the Tank Gunner, and the new Deluxe figures.

    I bought a Palpatine with red saber, the Deluxe Clone Trooper with Jetpack and Darth Vader on Operating Table. I passed on the Vulture Droid and Yoda on the Can-Cell flying creature since I despise battle droids and don't really care for prequel beasts.
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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    Went to marsh today, found the mini jedi starfighter/slave 1 and the mini podracer set. Once again, Ji'dai knows the good places to score star wars stuff

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    Haven't had much of a chance to go hunting since getting back from C3. The weather and long lines wore me out.

    Did pick up a cool vintage tri-logo ROTJ Ewok figure, Chief Chirpa, at C3, as well as the vintage Burger King glass I needed to complete my collection.

    A new Meijer opened in New Albany yesterday. I'm going there in the next day or so to see what they have.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    Came across #37-40 at Wal-Mart this morning. Ended up scoring two more AT-TE Tank Gunners.

    TRU has the ARC-170 back in stock. Haven't seen that ship since April 2. TRU also has new LEGO Town Construction and Designer sets on shelves.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    just incase you havent read the post in the habro ROTS forum, apparently WMs are starting to clearance early bird kits for as low as 5 bucks. so keep an eye out for em...

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    A buddy called me Saturday to say he found the second wave of the ROTS deluxe sets (operating table Vader, jetpack trooper, Yoda on creature). I found the OT Vader at Target.

    Stopped at the new Meijer and picked up the deluxe transforming Anakin/Vader set. It had been hard to find, hadn't seen it in a while so I bought it.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    The local WM still has an endcap full of the Early Bird sets; they are still $30. Forgot to mention that I saw Mace Windu's purple lightsaber for the first time at WM last Friday.

    GameStop has Master Replica's F/X lightsabers, but they only had Vader's left. I played with the blue one they had on display.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    I'm curious to know if your WMs carry the titaium series vehicles. Mine don't and I've only seen them at a WM that did a tent sale on April 2.

    They're cool and I'd like to get a couple. I could order online, if necessary.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    My WM still has quite a few Titaniums on the pegs; they are $4.97. What ones are you looking to get?

    I'm seeing more Sneak Preview on the pegs again so I'm buying more Wookie Warriors. I bought my sixth [and last] one today so that'll give me five loose. I figure I'll get five of the new Wookie Warriors if/when I see them so I'll have a pretty decent 10-fig Wookie army.

    I'm also seeing quite a few #33-36 on the pegs. I've already got my quota of Commanders (6) but I wish the Pilots had removable helmets. I have four now, so I may break down and buy two more.


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