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    The one here that didnt lower there prices has no other stores(Target, Kmart) around it, so that might be a reason also.
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    Sorry for the lack of posts. Was on vacation. Had good intentions to log on but didn't get around to it. Too busy.

    The New Albany WM had the new Saga wave, or what was left of it. Barada was kinda hidden. I passed.

    The same WM had the new SW transformers, Vader motorcycle/chopper and the die-cast droid tri-fighter.

    The Clarksville TRU had the A-wing and B-wing Lego sets. I'm going to get the A-wing set. It was neat.

    I was told that several Louisville stores had new Saga figures but I didn't see them myself.

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    Found the A wing and TIE interceptor at my local Meijer yesterday. Both were very cool.

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    Yeah, the A-Wing is very nice. Haven't built the Interceptor yet. Slave I is awesome, check out my review over in the LEGO section.

    TRU had the SW Choppers, Vader & Luke. I dunno, maybe Hasbro is trying to keep the younglings interested in the line.

    They also had Unleashed Battle Packs and the Transformers. I saw Vader and Obi-Wan but not Grievous.
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    Saw the Slave I at a Target not too far from my house yesterday; really wish I would of read your review Ji'dai, because I would of defiantly picked it up.

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    Wal-Mart had the LEGO B-Wing, V-Wing, and TIE Interceptor, but the Slave I have sold. Looks like they've already done their reset; the building block aisle is smaller with all brands crammed in there.

    Also spotted TSC figures at my local WM, $5.88 each. This store did drop prices on ROTS figures to $4.77 so the price has raised with the debut of the new line.

    WM also had Galactic Heroes Hoth Han & Luke and Luke & Speederbike, the Choppers, and the large die-cast ARC-170 and Droid Fighter.
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    You might want to scan the ROTS figures at WM. I bought an extra Vader for opening and it rang up $4.

    Nothing new to report. Saga are still hit or miss in the area. I personally haven't seen one since before Christmas.

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    The Clarksville Target had the Carkoon wave, except for Han. I wasn't going to pay $6.99 since I know they're $5.88 at WM. Leia was tempting, since I could use her in a diorama but I resisted the dark side.

    Target also had the new mini Titanium series wave -- a first!

    No figures at all at the Clarksville WM. It is a dark time for the Rebellion.

    TRU had a little of this and that. Saga Barada, VOTC Lando (no one wants Lando!) but no ROTS.

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    The last of the ROTS figures sold out here before Christmas so I won't be seeing them in the clearance aisle. Same with LEGO.

    Yeah, my TRU has a peg full of VOTC Lando too. Their Star Wars section and LEGO aisle still looked pretty bare, I was hoping they'd have restocked by now.
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    Finally found the Slave I; very very impressive, a big improvement on the old model. Now im only missing the V-wing; somehow all the local stores near me (about 4 Targets, 4 Walmarts, 2 TRU, 2 Meijer) are all sold out of them


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