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    Officially spotted wave 2 of the TAC, all that was left was Luke and Han...
    On the bright side Target finally lowered the clearance of Felucia and Illum battlepacks to 4.98 (woohoo) So i picked up a couple, there are still quite a few sets if anyone else is interested.

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    Is that the Target on Smithvalley?
    Rat: If you could have a conversation with one person, living or dead, who would it be?

    Pig: The living one.
    Pig: You must think I'm really stupid.

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    The Target on south East st by 465... going by there later today and I will report back any findings.

    on a totally unrelated note do any of you know about any midnight showings of grindhouse tonight??

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    Wow, old school Target. I hit what is quickly becoming my favorite Target, the one in Avon, and they had five of the six of the Wave 2 figures. Can anyone guess which of the six they did not have? Cue the Jeopardy theme music. Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah... enough of that. Yeah, no Boba Fett yet, but soon, soon I tell you.

    I guess at 12:22 AM even if I did know of any midnight showings of Grindhouse, it would be of little consequence. I really want to see that one, but I will probably instead take Menace, my son, to see TMNT this weekend. For those wondering, my second kid is Clone. God I need to get out of the house more often.


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    Stopped by my fav Target today and they had the order 66 2-packs, I wasn't sure about them but after checking them out I decided to pick up all 6. 2 figures nice packaging (albeit bulky) for 9.99 so 4.50 per fig is not that bad.

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    I had Friday off from work, Darth Maul Rat, and saw Grindhouse at the first showing. It was good. Worth the money.

    I picked up two Galactic Marines and an airborne trooper at KB. They had a buy $15 worth of SW merchandise, get a free figure deal. Hard to pass up. And I hadn't seen the Galactic Marines in a couple of weeks.

    The Order 66 sets are out. Going to pick 'em up in the next day or so.

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    Hey Plo I am glad to hear you got the Order 66 figs since I sort of stopped by your Target Saturday night right after they had put them out. I had gone there just to see if they still had any of the battle-packs that you said were on clearance. That and I really like the old-school Targets. I had one within a mile of my house at Washington and Girl School and man was it convenient, but they shut it down. I just really like the feel of those old style stores. I don't know why.

    Anyway, I am glad to hear I didn't keep you from getting them. I grabbed all of them except the one with the AT-RT driver. I just can't get jazzed about that figure.

    I hit the Target at Michigan and 465 on the Northwest side of town today and they had three Kenobis and a Han from wave 2. I had hoped to check out the one in Avon yesterday or today, but it didn't work out.

    By the way, Plo, do you ever go to any of the comic shops in Indy or to Holzman's convention? One thing I have found out, in Indy there are only a few degrees of separation between any of us collectors.

    Glad to hear you liked Grindhouse, OC. I wanted to see it, but instead played Daddy this weekend and took my oldest to see TMNT. It was about two minutes longer than the trailer. I think it was an hour and fifteen minutes long. They need to alternate it with Grindhouse, since it was what three and half hours long. Show one then the other, just to get their money's worth out of the room.

    Oh well, that 's all I got for today. Except these Celebration guys are killing me. Two Exclusives! Maybe Acro knows somebody...


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    I now have a complete set of the Order 66 exclusives. From what I read on the 'net, I thought these sets were going to sell out before I had a chance to find them.

    A fellow collector and I were trying to get these about two weeks ago from a Target in Louisville but they wouldn't bring 'em out of the stockroom. But the clerk at the service desk was nice enough to give us the quantity list for area Targets.

    Saw part of wave 2 at the C'ville TRU: DS trooper, Rebel ceremonial guard, Han and Luke. Boy, the cards were bent something fierce! Don't know if it was from being packed in the boxes (which I suspect) or from a person trying to tick off collectors. They'd be perfect for openers.

    And a quick note to Hasbro: you took a step back with the new Luke's head sculpt. It's horrible! I might have to swap heads on that figure.

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    Horrible luck today, hit most of the eastside locations (TRU, walmart, target, meijer) and the target by my house and found NADA. A couple Obi's and R2s thought I saw a Boba for a sec but it was an airborne trooper.
    On the bright side I was at the Borders downtown (looking for the new issue of Star Wars Legacy, which is great) and found the Master Replica Darth Maul battle damaged Lightsaber for 50% off of the retail price of $99.99. But it gets better, I showed my borders rewards card and was informed I could use my personal shopping day for and extra 10% off, then the cute cashier informed me borders was doing away with their holiday reward program and I could cash in what I had. So after all was said and done I have a Master Replica Lightsaber (awesome by the way) resting on my mantle for the low, low price of $22.18.

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    Yeah, the pickings are back to slim and none here on the west side as well. I did not go out early Saturday, and then I ended up having to work late so I only managed to hit the 38th street Target. They still had a few Order 66 sets, the airborne and the galactic marine, ironically still seemed to be there.

    I got restless about 1:00 in the morning and hit the Wal-Marts and the Meijer. I shoulda stood in bed. But I had not done a late night run in a while, so that was fun.

    We seemed to have had a good couple of weeks and now back to the wasteland.

    Hey, Plo, are you going to the Ash Comics Convention next weekend? Just curious.


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