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    I only made it to Plainfield WM last night as it was the wife's birthday. There was a guy there who had the Clone Voice Changer in his cart and one of the new packaged Muggs. Since I really didn't care about either I didn't chase it too far. They also had a big center aisle display with the Clone Wars blasters on one side and the AT-TE on the other side. Stuff is sneaking its way out.

    BTW, any Indianapolis people keep in mind, the 501st guys are going to be at the Castleton TRU for MM. I was talking to Darth Acro the other day and they are planning to have some guys there in costume. If you like that sort of thing.

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    NW Indy

    I was visiting the Wal Mart in Rensselaer, IN last night. They had the V-wing and Anakin's blue Jedi fighter in the new Clone Wars packaging. Things are indeed leaking out a bit early. Still, I have to admit I'm not really that impressed with the new line sculpts based on the animation. I'm looking forward to a couple figures in the Legacy line and some of the new vehicles and that's about it for right now...

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    Got together with fellow collectors over the weekend and someone had the Torrent fighter, homing droid and CW figures on display.

    The Torrent fighter is a must-buy for me.

    The CW figures were okay. Captain Rex, Greivous and the battle droid were the best of the bunch. R2's dome was the wrong color, or made to look dirty. Yoda looked bug eyed.

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    The NA Meijer had the new CW vehicles and older vehicles on the shelves over the weekend. Price: $21.99.

    I attended a sci-fi convention over the weekend, and a couple of vendors had CW figures and CW legacy figures for sale, at scalper prices, of course!! I was glad to see the super battle droid getting re-released.

    The detail on the CW figures' weapons is amazing!! Nice worn and weathered look. Makes you wonder why we haven't gotten weapons like this before.

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    wow... simply wow.

    Ventured out to the midnight madness @ TRU Castleton tonight.

    The parking lot was absolutely full and a line wrapped along the side of the building to get in.

    At midnight, we all shuffled through the door and straight to the Clone Wars display. As predicted, the Legacy Collection & the Clone Wars figs were blended. Within 20 minutes, the ENTIRE stock of figures was GONE. Additionally, every AT-TE was gone within 10 minutes. As I was leaving (fairly empty handed) at 12:30, there were 2 Falcons left.

    It was my understanding that we were only going to see Clone Wars wave 1 and Legacy Collection wave 1 tonight. Instead, they had wave 2 of Legacy Collection as well.

    Feeling defeated, my wife and I ventured to Wal Mart at Washington and German Church (I had a hunch). They had one poor little associate trying to open all the boxes and stock the figures and she was absolutely clueless!

    My wife and I spent about 30 minutes with her. We helped her determine the difference between the two product lines and we helped her sort the stock and put it on the pegs. As a result, I was able to find all the figs I was looking for from Legacy waves 1 and 2. I also picked up the Padme Evolutions set. It totally blew my budget, though - I was only expecting wave 1...

    As I mentioned earlier, I'm skipping on the Clone Wars figs for the most part. Not impressed with them.

    Thanks to the slides shown at ComicCon posted earlier on 7/25, I have a better idea of what to expect for the next 8 months or so...

    If you haven't already checked out the slides, here's the link:

    Happy Hunting.


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    I went to the closest WM near me and pretty much had the run of the place. They had both waves of Legacy figures too, although I was really only interested in wave 1. I bought Han, Luke, Chewie, Ewoks, Ak-rev, Yarna, and Bane, plus Snowbunny Padme from wave 2. I don't really care for the CW stuff but I did buy an R2. Saw the AT-TE and BMF but wasn't interested. I didn't see any new Evo sets though.
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    Castleton Toys sold all Milleniums and AT-TE they had a couple cases of legends along with all the others. Believe it or not legends sold out as well. The first day items not real exciting. Holo Greivous' gone. However district manager said new truck not till Wednesday. I think they were a little dissappointed in the amount of product they were allotted. they would of easily sold through double what they had. Fun night though some 501st folks were in full gear. It was a nicely done event. Great job Toys R Us.

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    Hit TRU late this morning and most of the Legacy figs were wiped out. They had some Legends I didn't see last night at WM, but nothing I didn't have. Also saw the Rebel Pilots and Fett Evolution sets. I'm at the library right now but may head back to TRU to get that Rebel Pilots set.

    TRU also has the Jabba's Palace Galactic Heroes set, which is pretty cool. Also spotted the Potato heads.

    The other WM here still had all their Falcons and AT-TEs, plus plenty of figures from each line.
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    Like Ji'dai, I had run of my local WM too. It was me and one other guy, and he was more interested in CW titaniums than figures.

    I picked up the CW first day Anakin, Obi-Wan and Rex, and the Legacy clone armor Obi-Wan.

    The other guy was looking for the WM exclusive A-wing. I had to tell him it wasn't coming out until fall.

    I saw the BMF but I don't know if I can afford it.

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    If I drop $150 on a single toy purchase, I'd rather it be a LEGO set. Just greater value and utility IMO. Doesn't mean I wouldn't buy a BMF if I saw them on sale for $75 or something. I'd like to wait and see if places like Sam's Club get any of these toys. My local Club had the Zizzle 2-1/2 foot long Pirates of Caribbean Black Pearl with additional figs last year. I could see them carrying the BMF or AT-TE with additonal pack-in figures.

    I went back to TRU shortly after my last post and bought the Rebel Pilots Evolutions set. I didn't realize it came with a female pilot until I saw it in person. I'd like to get the Padme set too and I really want the Mandalore from the Fett Legacy. I don't want to buy another Jango & Boba in order to get him though.

    My TRU still had a handful of Holo Grievous left too when I there around two o'clock in the afternoon.
    Weird War Tales: Featuring the Creature Commandos #105 November 1981 (DC Comics)


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