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    Quote Originally Posted by Ji'dai View Post
    Saw the Christophis and Sarlac battle packs at Target today. The Christophis one looks pretty impressive, lots of vehicles in there.
    I had my monthly SW club meeting yesterday, and one of the guys was selling the figures and skiff from the Sarlac pit. The figures were horrible!! Not only are they rehash from two years ago, but the paint jobs on them are bad. Luke looks like an albino, and Lando's a lighter shade, too.

    Don't know if Target ordered more of these sets or no one's picking them up, but I've seen a lot of them still on the shelves over the weekend. Last year's UBPs were gone on Black Friday.

    The Target exclusive CW battle packs are pretty scarce, too.

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    I didn't even pay attention to the figs or the skiff in that Sarlacc pack. I thought the way they packaged the base was odd. It's got a large piece of cheap sand-colored plastic covering the main base so you can't really see what you're getting.

    Both SW and GI Joe UBPs are easy to find. Maybe they ordered more or people just aren't buying them for whatever reason.

    The SW section at WMs are pretty bare here. Same with KM, but they just had a buy 2 get 1 free sale last week. TRU still has a decent selection of new stuff.

    I also saw some of the new '09 SW LEGO sets at WM today so those sets can be had more cheaply than at TRU. I saw the two battle packs and the Hyena Droid fighter or bomber or whatever it is.

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    I'm half tempted to run to Kohl's tonight and pick up a few figures. They're priced at $6 on sale.

    The pegs are bare at several of the stores in my area, too.

    The girlfriend gave me CW Dooku, Ventress, C3PO and R2 and the Thrawn comic two-pack for Christmas.

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    after Holidays specials

    K. So I went deal hunting yesterday. I was hoping to find the sarlac scene pack for under $50 or a great deal on figures. Went to a couple targets and what do I find? Nothing. Everything is gone - clean picked. I am about 3 days too late.

    While visiting South Carolina over the past couple weeks, I did find the sarlac scene pack reduced to $53 at a Target on December 26th. I thought for sure it would hang around another couple weeks and go down in price even more. Apparently I was mistaken.

    At the target in Castleton, I found a Legends package spider droid; evidence that the latest repack wave has been released.

    One of the things that caught me off guard (and in retrospect it shouldn't have) was the popularity of the $20 vehicle assortments as Christmas gifts this year. Starting just before Thanksgiving, I couldn't find ANY $20 vehicles at a Wal Mart or Target in Kentucky, Indiana, or in Chicago area. Every time a shipment would come in, I was a day late and they'd been picked clean.

    Looking forward to the 09 waves hitting shelves...

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    I've been on an Indiana Jones kick over the last two weeks. Since the figures are being clearanced out, they're a lot more attractive. Bought most of the Indy figures (still need the Temple of Doom Indy) and the deluxe sets. Already have a Raider diorama set up.

    I want to make an older Han using one of the Crystal Skull Indy heads. Need to shave the ball joint down on the Han body for the Indy head to fit.

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    I noticed that WMs here have raised basic SW figure prices to $7.46. Still cheaper than TRU and KM, but I don't buy figures at those stores unless they're on sale.

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    My Target had the latest CW and TLC figures today. I picked up the jawa figure, and boy, am I impressed!

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    ta da

    Wal Mart at Pendleton Pike had the latest CW and saga figures. Have yet to see the Legacy figures (and I am really looking forward to those...).

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    Fishers Target had Clone wars wv 4

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    After a couple of weeks of finding scraps, I finally hit the mother lode this afternoon. Found all of Clone Wars wave 4 and Legacy wave 5 in large numbers.

    Picked up a MagnaGuard, which I still needed to finish off CW w.4 and nearly all of Legacy w.5, except for Obi-Wan. Looked like a good figure, but I don't really need another one and I already have the holo Leia.


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