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    The new 12" AOTC figures have been spotted at two different Wal Marts -- New Albany and Clarksville.

    No gunships as of Tuesday night.

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    C3-P0/Battle Droid X3
    *no yodas*
    Gunship x2
    and more
    Ki-Adi-Munda (#44)
    Teemto Pagalies (#45)
    at Meijer

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    Just found Arena Battle Playset & Republic gunship at Wal-Mart
    in South Bend!

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    Found all of the new figures, except Ephant Man, tusken raider with massif and clone trooper pilot at the Shelbyville Rd., Louisville, TRU on Friday.
    (I had the day off from work!)

    The checkout guy said his store sent back 50 cases to the warehouse. So the new stuff is starting to hit.

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    new figs

    Hey i've found the new anakin tatooine attack yesterday at meijers im still trying to find all the other new figs like maul, etc. seems like meyers is the place since they dont over stock like wal mart.
    Good Traders= Lord Tenebrous, Brentfett, jonboy, cohens4, rynobot, btuck15,sith_killer_99,bobaphil,johnyhero,bount3hntr,evil j

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    Check out your local TRUs, guys. The Clarksville store got new shipments of figures in Wednesday, including the clone trooper pilots!!! The only one I'm missing now is Ephant Man.

    Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Just got Ephant Mon..!!!!!
    (Clean Shaven) ENDOR SOLDIER
    ALL at K-Mart.!!??!!!WOW!!

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    Visited one of the local Kmarts for the first time last night and damn! They had all of the latest figures, minus Ephant Mon, on the pegs. The downside was, $5.49.

    I filled out holes in my collection on Saturday by price-matching Target's extra special value $2.99 price at Wal-Mart and TRU.

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    The Cargo Hold - Hunter Report for Friday, 12.13.2002

    I went hunting for bounties in west-central Indiana [Terre Haute, Clinton, Brazil, Greencastle, Avon, Plainfied] and east-central Illinois [Marshall, Paris] on Thursday and Friday.


    The new 12" assortment seems to be plentiful, every Wal-Mart and the TRU I ventured into had them.

    Finally found a second clean-shaven Endor Soldier at Wal-Mart.

    The two Targets I hit both had lots of Accessory Sets.

    The Trash Compactor sets are easy to find in small town Wal-Marts. Each one I went to had two of each set, and I bought one set for now. I love classic Trilogy product, so I'll probably pick up another set on my next trip out. I did see something I hadn't seen since the Cinema/Movie scenes were in production - the Compactor boxes had slice marks from the associates opening the shipping cartons. Every Compactor set I saw had slice marks on the top or bottom of the box. I didn't see these sets at any of the Super Wal-Marts in the larger cities I visited.

    No sightings yet of the Holiday Edition, which was very disappointing. I've even checked in the Christmas section hoping they might've put them there, but no luck.


    Found that elusive scum Ephant Mon at a small Wal-Mart today! He was hanging on the end of a well-stocked peg, so they must have just put out new figures. The other figs were from the most recent wave, so I didn't find the new Jedi Council Yoda or Destroyer Droid. The bounty on Ephant was only $4.77, and well-worth it. The figure is huge! The bubble is longer than the other Saga figure bubbles so Hasbro must only be able to fit one Ephant into an assortment.

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    No new stuff in the south. The Target accessory sets are plentiful. The Christmas R2 and 3PO are ancient history; I was fortunate to get one.


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