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    which Targets OC47150? Louisville or Indiana?
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    Sorry 'bout that. The New Albany and Clarksville. The last I checked, the New Albany one had all four sets, while Clarksville only had the Hoth and battle arena sets, which surprised me. I thought the battle arena set would be gone.

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    Hit the usual places in Terre Haute around lunchtime today.

    Nothing new at Wal-Mart except for the 2003 LEGO; only two sets left - the T-16 Skyhopper and one of the small Jabba's Palace sets. No Holiday Edition. I'll keep trying at the small town WMs around here that set.

    TRU had lots of Clone Pilots and Destroyer Droids, plus four Jedi Council Yodas. This is the first time I've seen DD and Council Yoda around here. I'm sure they probably had Ephants too, but those were likely the first to go. TRU didn't have any '03 SW LEGO surprisingly, which would be sweet with their BOGO 50% sale.

    Came home to find my LEGO MINI TIE Fighter in the mail. Thanks to SSG for the heads up on that promo a few weeks ago. I was one of the few (5000?) that was able to register for this set. The TIE Fighter comes in a small polybag. It came in a nice little mailer box with a small poster depicting the Battle of Hoth, complete with MINI AT-STs, AT-ATs and Snowspeeders.

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    Accessory sets

    The New Albany Target had plenty of the accessory sets, except the Endor one. I bought the last one. I'm surprised at the number of DS sets warming the pegs. I guess everyone has what they want!

    Another shocker: No figures! The pegs were all empty. Guess the trucks are bringing figures.

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    I just received my Holiday Edition that I bought on eBay. For those that have this set, how is the bottom of the package usually sealed? Mine has tape up the side near the bottom and then two pieces of tape on the bottom. Is this normal?

    I sighted three LEGO AT-TE's at TRU in Terre Haute yesterday, but they were gone this morning. I've seen every new LEGO SW set except for the MINIs. They also put out a cage full of older SAGA figs.

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    WM in Terre Haute has shelf space labled for the LEGO MINI sets, but there were none. They also had the Trash Compactor sets. No new figures. The clearance aisle had 12", Slave 1s, and LEGO Technic Star Wars sets, but I'm waiting for the prices to go down. I still need all of the AOTC vehicles and playset, but I'm not buying until they're less than half price.

    The TRU had older Ep I stuff on clearance. A few Naboo Starfighters, DM and Speeder, and Anakin's Podracer, plus some other crap from that line. No new figures here either.

    KB... yeah right.

    The WM in Paris IL had quite a few of the Trash Compactor sets. Their clearance prices were higher than in Terre Haute.

    The WM in Clinton IN had Trash Compactor sets. Clearance prices still not sweet enough for me yet.

    Came home empty handed, but with a full wallet.
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    The New Albany WM had the compactor sets, a few Lott Dodds and a large selection of the last wave of 12" figures.

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    Terre Haute, IN -

    Picked up the Ultra Wampa with Hoth Cave and C-3PO with Escape Pod at Wal-Mart for $9.96 each. Last two that I could see. 3PO was with the other SW figs, but the Wampa was making a home behind some boxes of ride-on toys near the bikes.

    Found Ultra General Rieekan with Hoth Tactical Screen at TRU for $10.99. This TRU had many of the Ultra figures on the shelves. I also broke down and bought the repack Princess Leia Imp Captive.

    Suncoast had the new Unleashed, this is the first time I've seen Yoda and Boba Fett. Pretty cool statues, but I passed on them. This store also had all of the Clone Wars deluxe sets.

    KB seems to finally be selling out of the older Saga figures, so hopefully they'll be putting out some of the newer releases.

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    Terre Haute -

    TRU had many Clone Wars figures yesterday and earlier SAGA wave with Hoth Han, Mynock Hunt Chewie, and Boba Fett Pit of Carkoon, etc. Went ahead and picked up a second Fett for an opener. Should have bought another Chewie for the Mynock.

    Found Saesee Tiin and Kit Fisto at Wal-Mart today. They had three Saesee and one Kit. No SA Clone Trooper though.

    Wished TRU still had more LEGO AT-ATs since I have a 20% off coupon to use before the 13th.

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    Marshall (IL) -

    This town's Super WM did not have anything new yesterday, just last year's SAGA figs clogging the pegs. Did find some other Christmas gifts there so the trip wasn't a total loss.

    Terre Haute -

    TRU had Kit, Saesee, and SA Clone Trooper. I picked up 2 Troopers and a Kit and Saesee. I believe these are the last new figures for this year. Some other '03 figs TRU had were Darth Throwing Lightsaber and Luke Throne Room, Snowtrooper, Hoth Han, and Carkoon Fett.

    Also picked up a LEGO AT-AT with a 20% TRU coupon.


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