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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    Terre Haute -

    Found the OTC Vader's TIE Fighter today at TRU, $29.99.

    I also bought a 12" Zuckuss on clearance for $10.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    I found a J'Quille at Target on Saturday. That made my whole weekend!!

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    Great find OC! That blows my OTC TIE out of the water.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    Saw the OTC TIE Fighter and X-Wing at TRU today, but passed on both. The OTC packaging is hard to resist though.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    The New Albany Target supposedly has/had the OTC lightsabers. Other than that, nothing in the south.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    Clinton Wal-Mart:

    Picked up a second Dodonna to open and found a HOF Stormtrooper conscript for my growing Imperial Army.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    Terre Haute, IN
    Wal-Mart finally has the OTC lightsabers. Pegs were recently stocked, but with HOF and Star Destroyer wave. Snagged a TIE Fighter Pilot and another Stormtrooper.

    Paris, IL
    Wal-Mart has the OTC lightsabers. Most figures are '02 SAGA.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    The Clarksville TRU has the OTC X-wing, and the VOTC figures are hitting various stores in the Louisville area. I haven't personally seen them yet but one store is like 10 minutes from work.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    I just found the the Galaxtic Heroes and the VOTC figures at a K Mart in Martinsville, IN. Real nice figures! If you have not seen them, they come in a clear protective case with the rebel and imperial symbols in the upper corners of the protective case. I did not buy any yet, because I thought the price was a little high ($9.99). I think I will wait until Wal-Mart gets them and check their prices.

    Thank you


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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    I am looking forward to finding the Galactic Heroes. Where are you finding them? Next to the "Rescue Heroes" type toys in the preschool section, or by the Star Wars figs?


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