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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    Spotted some re-released Unleashed at TRU today: Clone Trooper, Chewie, and Hoth Luke. They also had the Tusken, Leia, and the usual pegwarmers. I'm guessing these are re-releases since I don't collect this line.

    Went ahead and bought another 2 VOTC Stormtroopers at a Wal-Mart in Paris, IL today. They still had all the ROTJ wave; probably the same figs I spotted two weeks ago. I must be running unopposed in that part of the state

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    Terre Haute -

    TRU had about 10 Silver Vaders on the pegs today, $9.99 each. Suffice to say I passed. The paint isn't a metallic silver either, it's more of a dull finish.

    TRU also had the Darth Vader Voice Changer in stock. I played with the "try me" feature for awhile - it has a fairly decent voice chip in it, but I expected ROTS "lava" packaging instead of OTC black.

    Other stuff @ TRU - spotted the new Marvel Legends (Apocalypse, Hawkeye, Ghost Rider, Lab Wolverine, etc.) and the new 12" Spawn figures from McFarlane.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    K-Mart was freshly stocked with OTC; but nothing new: the Generals, Lobot & Leia, Tuskens, Jawas, TIE pilots.

    TRU still had plenty of the Silver Vaders.

    Suncoast had quite a few new VOTC, mainly the ROTJ wave along with Vader and Lando. They retail for 12.99 there. Might be worth checking out Suncoast/Media Play/Sam Goodys if you got 'em locally.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    Found two Scanning Troopers at TRU today. I couldn't believe it. They also had a couple of CCPs, but I already have five of those. So I bought the Ewok Attack Glider and qualified for the free Silver Vader. TRU has quite a few of those still taking up space on the pegs.

    On other figure fronts I spotted Invader Zim as well as Nightmare Before Christmas figures at Hot Topics. I think Zim is made by Palisades and NBC is NECA product. They look pretty neat if you're into those things.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    Great find on the scanning trooper, Ji'dai!

    I'm hoping to score a couple extra Madine and Han/AT-ST figures at the Kmart sale on Friday for customizing. Nothing wrong with generic Imps and Rebel leaders.

    I haven't seen the catina scene #2 but it has been reported in my area.

    I missed out on the silver Vader at TRU on Sunday but ordered it off

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    The Bespin and Endor OTC wave is pretty plentiful at various stores. Target is getting the last batch of Saga figures (Hoth and Tatoonie) in, too. The ESB and ROTJ VOTC figs are still hit or miss but showing up more frequently. It depends on the store.

    Finally saw the Target Slave 1 exclusive for the first time in a store Saturday. Nice but I'll wait and see if it gets clearanced. Already have two Slave 1s (AOTC and POTF2).

    At the local SW club meeting, I got my sandcrawler! Boy, is it cool! Nice packaging. Surprised Hasbro didn't use the newer, dirtier Jawas with it. The RA-7 droid is cool; I'd like to see him carded.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    Snagged another VOTC 3PO at Wal-Mart today to complete my second set of VOTC.
    They also had Fett, Chewie, and a Stormtrooper along with a mish mash of common OTC/SAGA figs.

    Didn't find anything at K-Mart's one-day figure sale last Friday. Stopped in today and saw that all SW is 10% off. I have yet to see Cantina Scene 2.

    TRU is still clogged with Silver Vaders and SAGA figures. The only new figs I've seen come in there lately have been early '04 SAGA stuff.

    The local KB Toys is on the store closing list as is the one in Bloomington. Hate to see a toy retailer go but I rarely find or buy anything in there anyway.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    My KB is on the list, too. It was last time and survived. I hope it does again.

    I saw at least three cantina scene #2 at one Kmart on Friday. #1 was still occupying shelf space, too.

    My TRU still has a few POTJ figures (Bespin guard) warming the pegs! I think a) TRU must have cleaned out their warehouse or b) someone returned older AOTC and Saga carded figures 'cuz they're warming the pegs at TRU, too.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    I got my Sandcrawler from yesterday. I have the vintage one and had forgotten how small this thing is. I do like it, but don't think it'll work with a purchase of the droids diorama. Maybe with MicroMachine figurines At least it was $48 dlvd.

    KB seems to be getting in a lot of clearance merchandise. I spotted two more Ephant Mons in there today along with the later wave of '02 SAGA figures for $2.99. Seems like these figures are finally shaking out of limbo or wherever they've been for the last three years.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    I have to do some Christmas shopping on the way home so I'll stop by KB and check.

    Even with 10% off SW stuff this week, the one Kmart I visit the most still had several cantina sets, 1 and 2.


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