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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    Terre Haute -

    Super K-Mart is fully-stocked with the first five POTC. Unfortunately, the figures now sport the correct price tags of $6.99. Also spotted the new Lightsabers with Galactic Heroes. Vader's Lightsaber comes with GH Ben Kenobi and Vader; Luke's Lightsaber comes with GH Luke and R2. These run $19.99 each.

    TRU had the Galactic Heroes X-Wing, $19.99. Looked like they just put out a case of POTC, including the Cantina Wave. I picked up Feltipern Trevagg (x2), Myo (x2), and Dannik Jerriko (x2). Also spotted repacks Dagobah Yoda, Scout Trooper, Stormtrooper, Sandtrooper, Han, and Chewie. But at $6.99, Hasbro can stick those repacks up their arse. The Sandtrooper does look cool in the OTC package with Tatooine backdrop, but it's not worth the extra $2. I'd like more clean-armor Scout Troopers, but I'm not paying $7 a pop for them.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    Spotted the JediForce Luke & Speeder Bike at TRU tonight.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    I started and finished my Christmas shopping today! Best Buy has Simpsons Season 5 for $29.99; best price I've seen all day. On to today's finds:

    Avon, IN:

    Wal-Mart had Clone Wars Season III figures. I grabbed General Grievous and battle-damaged Anakin. They also had re-releases Durge, Asajj, Mace, and Obi-Wan. No Clone Troopers. Found these on a shelf along side the pre-school toys.

    Plainfield, IN:

    K-Mart had lots of Cantina Sc. 2 with Blue Snag. I don't really want to pay $20 for one fig though, so I left them behind. Trays full of the first 5 POTC & usual Galactic Heroes packs too.


    Hit several Targets, Wal-Marts, & TRUs in the metro area. Target seems to be getting in early '04 Saga figures. Lots of VOTC spotted today, including Stormtroopers. Too bad these are too expensive to army build with.

    Stores seem to be putting as much product on the floor as possible for Christmas, so you may find Star Wars stuff in unlikely spots. Just do a quick sweep of toys so you don't miss anything.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    Meijer (Avon, IN) had new Galactic Heroes figure packs today, 5.99 each - Jedi Luke/Gammorean; Jawa/Tusken; Skiff Guard/Lando. These inlcude a Episode III preview mini-catalog in lieu of the old OTC catalog.

    Spotted the Season 3 Clone Wars figures at Target on So. 31st in Indianapolis. They had ARC Trooper, new Anakin, GG, and Clone Trooper (red & yellow). Clone Troopers appear to be the same sculpt as the original but with all the colors of the rainbow. At 6.99, I passed on these. Hopefully I'll find them at Wal-Mart for 5.55.

    Lots of clearance sales too: VOTC down to $7; OTC $3-4; OTC Slave I $21; VOTC 12" $21. Look for good deals on SW LEGO - Falcon down to $75; Cantina $20; Snowspeeder $15.

    Only bought LOTR figures today though, Prologue Elven Warrior and Elrond. Hasbro's SW price increase is pushing me into finding better values with competing brands.
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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    I think I've missed out on most of the good clearance deals because of the weather. I'm going to hit a store or two tonight.

    The big flea market is this weekend. My buddy and I are going tomorrow. I might hit a few stores on New Year's Day, too, while everyone is sobering up.

    I did find an Unleashed Vader at WM. Dooku and Mace are plentiful, too, so I might pick them up at a later time.

    I did get the 12" VOTC Luke and Fett for Christmas. And the folks surprised me with a MR Vader lightsaber. Very cool indeed! My little nephew was playing with it yesterday. He likes it, too.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    My folks surprised me with the LEGO Falcon. I wasn't expecting any LEGO at all.

    Usually I miss out on clearance stuff because I like to wait until they hit rock-bottom prices. I don't know what's up with people here, x-Mart knocks $5 off something and they snatch it up like it was free gov'ment cheese. Which brings me to my point..

    I've been waiting on TRU to clearance the LEGO AT-TE but someone snatched all the sets around christmas. If anyone has seen this set in a local store, I'd be interested in buying it for cost + shipping.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    My buddy and I went to the flea market on New Year's Eve and I hit the jackpot. Some SW fans ran into some financial problems and sold a bunch of figures to one of the vendors. I picked up a loose yet complete 12" Luke and tauntaun for $20, and 12" clone trooper, Mace, ATOC Anakin and the Masterpiece (book) old Anakin for $3 - $4 each.

    The Mace and old Anakin are going to be used to make a custom Jedi.

    New Year's Day I found extra OTC Han/AT-ST and Madines and a Saga Dodonna for customizing at Targets and WMs for $3.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    Nice finds, OC.

    Terre Haute -

    The Wal-Mart here has reset their toy section again. I guess in retail-speak, the new mod is in place. But they did have new figures - all of the first eight POTC (including the cantina wave) plus most of the repacks - figures numbered 8-14. Star Wars LEGO is in the clearance aisle, but still not 50% off yet. The new LEGO section is kinda small.

    Didn't see any Animated Clone Wars figures though, I was disappointed.

    I did see the new Galactic Heroes packs last Friday, but they were gone today (Gamorrean/Luke; Jawa/Tusken; Skiff Guard/Lando). These packs are noteworthy in that they have an Episode III mini-catalog in them.

    K-Mart has the 12" VOTC marked down to $19. Plenty of Stormtroopers peppered with a Luke or two.

    Suncoast has Mavel Legends again. I don't collect these but they had all of Series 8 minus the chase figures. Swamp-Thing or Man-Thing (can't remember which one is Marvel's) looks pretty neat. Suncoast also has Series 2 Star Wars Bust-Ups.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    Plenty of stormies, huh? He and Boba are long gone from the clearance aisles down here. Luke's all by his lonesome.

    If you're into the mini bust-ups, you might want to check Suncoast. The second wave (Imperials) was found at SC down here on Christmas eve. I haven't seen them but a buddy bought them.

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    Re: Indiana Just Found

    I don't collect busts or statues but usually toss my sightings of 'em into these reports. On to today's finds:

    Terre Haute -

    Wal-Mart has the JediForce vehicles on the shelves as well as space marked for the figures and plush lightsabers. I'd like to see what those look like up close. Also spotted Star Wars valentines with OT characters. Yes, now you can win the heart of that special girl by sending her an Emperor Palpatine ("You know now your destiny lies with me.") or C-3PO & R2-D2 ("We make the best counterparts.") or even the most notorious bounty hunter in the galaxy, Boba Fett ("You're worth a lot to me.")

    K-Mart had Clones Wars Season III Animated in today. I grabbed Grievous, wet Anakin, 2 ARC Troopers, and Blue & Yellow Clone Troopers. These were $6.49 each. Also spotted re-releases Mace, Durge, and Assaj. They must have put out more 12" VOTC since I saw two Boba Fetts in the clearance aisle. Still have quite a few Stormtroopers and a few Lukes as hard as it is to believe. These are $19 each now. I went ahead and bought one of the Fetts, may get another Stormie and the Luke if the price drops.

    K-Mart also had the GI Joe "Ninja Battles" set with Snake-Eyes, Stormshadow, and two or three other anonymous ninjas with cool display base and DVD; $17.99. I haven't collected JOE since the late 80s but this is a neat set.

    Suncoast has the LOTR AOME 9-piece Fellowship figurine set for $24.99.


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