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    I had to take a road trip to attend my monthly SW club meeting, and it was a good trip.

    I found two of the Momaw/Hammerhead figures. One had more gray paint on his head than the other, so I bought both. And I found a Garindin figure, too.

    If any of you guys are into customizing, the Garindin body is great. Pop off the head and you can make plenty of generic soldiers, bounty hunters, whatever.

    During the day, my friend and I stopped at at least 6 WMs. Five of the six had the Unleashed. One store in particular had 27 figures on the pegs and shelves. There are none in the Louisville-area WMs but they are plentiful at the out of the way WMs.

    Also bought an Early Bird Kit for $5. Couldn't pass a bargin like that up.

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    Wal-Mart has this Attacktix Figure Battle Pack with SW Attacktix vs. Transformers. Weird stuff.

    Spencers has the McFarlane "Blue Hawaii" Elvis with surfboard and ukelele. Spotted the McF 3D Led Zeppelin album cover at Suncoast as well.
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    I'm going on the hunt for the CW gunship, now that I have a little extra cash. Hope I didn't miss it.

    Hit Target, WM and TRU last night and no new figures.

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    I found a clear cup Hammerhead variant over the weekend.

    I keep finding the remains of the Mos Eisley wave. It's always Han and Bespin Vader, Han moreso than Vader. Still haven't found an R5.

    I did pick up an extra Skirmish in the Senate on clearance for $16.98. I'd like to get a couple more for the pod cars and troopers.

    I'm planning a big toy run on the Fourth. Hitting a part of town I only get to once or twice a year. I'm hoping to score a CW gunship sometime during the day.

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    Sorry for the late report

    On the Fourth I had the biggest toy run I've had in years: 18 stores in 4 1/2 hours. Boy, was it fun!

    I did find my CW gunship, so that made my day. I was surprised that I didn't find any Tatooine figures, other than Han and Vader (as usual).

    Bought one of the mini-collectible helmets at the comic shop. It was the Biggs variant, which is cool.

    Going out looking a little bit this weekend.

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    Damn, 18 stores. Reminds me of my day-long toy hunts during the late 90s. I'd usually drive to another city or two and shop around for stuff. Then I'd get home and often find that the local stores put out the new stuff I'd just found out of town. Still, it was fun. Pack some driving music and hit the road. Gas is too expensive for road trips nowadays.

    I spotted the Millennium Falcon Transformer with Han and Chewie at Wal-Mart today and TRU had the Titanium non-SW Transformers wave.
    Weird War Tales: Featuring the Creature Commandos #105 November 1981 (DC Comics)

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    It was a big hit for the gas tank, but there was a part of town I only get to once or twice a year that I wanted to check. It's out of the just enough where I thought they'd have stuff (i.e., the gunship) but didn't.

    It's not unusual for me to hit as many as 8 stores on a Saturday morning.

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    Finally (!!) found R5, sandtrooper, Tat Luke and the last alien. Found them Saturday at the Clarksville Target.

    If you guys have the new sandtrooper, look at the eyes on the helmet. Do they seem extremely large to you? They do to me.

    A buddy of mine also saw/bought the new Mace starfighter at a Target in Louisville. I didn't know it was supposed to be released this soon. It was $20.

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    Hey guys, it's been a while since I've reported anything from KB...but then, there's usually not much to report. At any rate, at closing yesterday we still had the entire Mos Eisley wave on the floor (and I daresay still do). That's one each of R5, Hem Dazon, Hammerhead, and Luke and two each of Garindan, Sandtrooper, and Han. The Vaders all look the same to me anymore, but I'm sure we still have the latest one hanging around as well.

    This is at Green Tree Mall in Clarksville, so if you need some figures, stop on by--they'll probably still be there...
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    I saw the Hunt for Grievous Battle Pack at TRU today, $24.99. Looked kinda neat, but I passed. Also saw the newest Transformer wave with Slave I (both ver.), Imp Shuttle, Sith Infiltrator, etc.

    Wal-Mart had the Mos Eisley wave with Hem and Momaw and the blue cups (sounds like a band name). I just checked my Hem Dazon, and the one I have has a clear cup.
    Weird War Tales: Featuring the Creature Commandos #105 November 1981 (DC Comics)


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