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    I haven't found too much new stuff in the stores lately. Day late, dollar short. Story of my life. : )

    My mail-away Captain Rex finally arrived. It wasn't minty. I'm still tempted to mail away for a second one so I can open the display.

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    Jodo Kast eludes me no longer!!! Found him today hanging on the pegs.

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    I see Jodo from time to time; tonight at TRU for instance. Those Previews exclusive Battlefront II multipacks are back too. I saw both of them at TRU in the new blue-n-white packaging.

    Kmart had these Legacy 5-figure multipacks too. Nothing but repack city there though.

    It's gonna be tougher finding new stuff with all the additional competition from holiday toy shoppers. I'm trying to get everything I want before pegs are picked clean after Thanksgiving.

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    Finally saw the white Vader/Leia comic pack this morning, but didn't get it. Came across several Thrawn/Karrde packs as well, though I passed on them again. I really hate the $13 price tag.

    Forgot to mention seeing the Target exclusive battle packs this morning too. The troop builder ones with Yoda and Obi-Wan.

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    I saw the Faie and Quinlan Vos comic pack at WM this afternoon. No sign of the Clone Emperor pack. Still, it was late in the day so I was surprised they still had anything of note.

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    I was surprised to see a large amount of new figures on the pegs over the holiday weekend: CW 3PO and Dooku, the new med droid, etc...

    I did see one Ultimate battle pack at Target on Black Friday. It was the two tank set. At $70, it was too much for my blood.

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    The WMs in my area dropped the price on the BMF to $99.

    I picked up the new medical droid today.

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    I'm rather pleased to say that I've found everything I've been looking for in the past two weeks.

    Found all the new CW figs (including Asajj).

    Must say that I am rather impressed with the 3PO's articulation!

    Disappointed in the new Plo Koon (CW). Above the waist, he's fantastic. The legs though are like a POTF2 figure. Boo.

    Found all the new legacy figs about a month ago at a Target store. The new Grievous was really well done. The head on my Brea Organa is super loose though. Anyone else have that issue? For a new clone in the Legacy line, I really like the new Commander Faie (sp?).

    My closest Wal Mart (Pendleton Pike & Sunny Side Road) received all the new Legacy and CW figs last week and actually stocked them for once.

    Was at Target at Kessler & Keystone Ave today and found the CW exclusive multi packs and the Sarlac. I'm agreeing with what I'm reading elsewhere on the forums that if I pick up the Sarlac at all, it will be on clearance after the Holidays. I can't justify spending $70 (with tax) on the base / sarlac, the skiff, and then a bunch of POTF2 poorly painted reissue figs. And I think the scale of the sarlac is off unless the one in ROTJ is much smaller than the one in the Force Unleashed...

    I have the same issue with the Lars Homestead piece. Hopefully after the Holidays it will go on clearance (or at least a sale) and I can pick it up for less. I just want the set piece...

    The hunt has been fun this year though.

    Really looking forward to next year's waves! (HK-47 is one of the upcoming build-a-droids wooo hooo!)

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    Yesterday I saw the Luke/Clone Emperor comic pack finally and I occasionally see some new and repacked battle packs.

    I found the latest TLC & CW waves before Thanksgiving so I'm watching to see if any '09 stuff slips through.

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    Saw the Christophis and Sarlac battle packs at Target today. The Christophis one looks pretty impressive, lots of vehicles in there.


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