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    I made the rounds yesterday, but the pegs are bare. Kids are on Spring Break this week so that's probably why the toy aisles look like they've been ransacked.

    If anyone ever comes across the For A Few Dollars More Minimates pack and is willing to pick up one or two for me, I'd appreciate it. Maybe we can trade or I'll pay cost + finder's fee + shipping. This set came out last March, but who knows, there might be a few of them still catching dust out there.

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    I price-matched using the Kmart ad and picked up the big bug-headed figure, stormie Han, red ARC trooper, 212th CW trooper and Bail. Hard to pass up for $5 each!

    I now have enough droid parts to finish the orange R5 droid!!

    The new TRU exclusive vehicles are in the stores, too, but waaaay overpriced. $38 for a clean V-wing and Oddball figure!

    TRU also had a dozen or more tri-logo CW figures hanging on the pegs. Guess it was a goof.

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    The new Empire figures were found at a Target in my area today. Guess I'll have to be on the lookout.

    Still waiting for the Yavin battle pack, too. Read where it showed up in Wisconsin.

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    Saw the Yavin BP and the ESB Luke figure this weekend. I had to pass on the Yavin pack for now but it looks nice, well worth the money.

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    I haven't seen any new figures in some time. Are the new Jabba and Yavin BPs exclusives?
    Weird War Tales: Featuring the Creature Commandos #105 November 1981 (DC Comics)

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    Found ESB wave

    After reading posts about the ESB Legacy wave being found in California and even near Louisville, KY, I've been scouting a lot lately. Finally struck gold this afternoon:

    Visited the SuperTarget at Southport and Emerson in Indianapolis and found Luke, Leia, the new Emperor, and Ugnauts. I only picked up the Luke and Leia.

    The selection looked like it had been picked through quite a bit. This is the first evidence of swine flu... er... the ESB wave in Indy though. Should be rolling out to the shelves of other retailers anytime.

    I have found the new Jabba twice this week - both at Targets. It's quite a bit smaller than previous versions of Jabba. Well done for the animated version in my opinion. I love that the arms are articulated. I might have to pick this up.

    Best Jabba release ever though, in my opinion, is the vintage one from 1983. They still haven't been able to top that yet as far as making it look like it did on screen in ROTJ.

    Have yet to find the Yavin scramble but I know it's been here.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ji'dai View Post
    I haven't seen any new figures in some time. Are the new Jabba and Yavin BPs exclusives?
    When I saw them last weekend, neither set had the Target exclusive sticker that's been placed on exclusives of late.

    The Yavin set is hard to find. It's one per case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ji'dai View Post
    I haven't seen any new figures in some time. Are the new Jabba and Yavin BPs exclusives?
    The Yavin set is showing up at WMs, too.

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    Yavin Set

    I found the Yavin set at my local Wal-Mart today. I was really excited about this set when I first saw the pictures of it a few months ago. Actually holding the box in my hand and realizing how un-detailed the cart is even compared to the picture on the back... Plus how the figs, although fully articulated, didn't really do much for me... I decided to pass.

    They also had the Jabba pack.

    No new figs on the pegs for the Wal Marts at 96th and I69, Pendleton Pike, or Washington Street.

    Stopped at 2 target stores and found evidence of the latest CW wave (Jar Jar).

    TRU Castleton and Washington had nothing new.

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    I saw the Yavin pack at the Clarksville Target again over the weekend, but someone had removed the Rebel techie and the cart. If it's still there in the next day or so, I'm gonna talk to the manager and see about getting it at a reduced price for the pilot and droid.


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