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The Legacy ESB wave is now plentiful here though the Hoth Trooper is the most popular. I have the ones I want from the wave except for the Ugnaught and Hoth Trooper variants.

The last CW wave is pretty rare. I've only seen it once. I've never seen the Jabba or Yavin battle packs.
I have found both battle packs easily at Target and Wal Mart stores across Indianapolis. You're in Terrible Haute if I recall J'Dai... If you feel like a nice 90 mile drive, we got your goods

Found the new CW wave 4 times so far. It disappears quickly. I got what I wanted from it though. It's obvious the CW waves are selling faster than the Legacy waves here. Kids...

I have yet to see the Ugnaut and Hoth Trooper vairants on the shelves.