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Well, $10 is better than buying $20 or $30 in merchandise and getting it for free. I'm surprised he's out since the offer isn't until September.
Is TRU going to give Ponds away with purchase in September? Maybe they're letting collectors have a go at it first then offer him as a freebie next month.

Lots of new product hitting lately! Found most of the new Clone Wars figures today at WM. Picked up Denal, Gree, Cad Bane, spacesuit Ahsoka, and space(helmet) Anakin. I passed on Mace, Fisto (new card), and the rocketpack Droid. Didn't see ARF Trooper, Yularen, Jawas, or the new SBD. I got a late start so most of the new stuff was gone. If there wasn't a Legends assortment, there'd be more room on the pegs for new things.

WM is cheaper on the CW Deluxe; they are $16 there. Those were picked through too.