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    Found the ESB wave at Walmart at East Washington Street and German Church Road. Anyone looking for it - go get 'em.

    They also had a single Y-wing - still at $64.95.

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    Picked up ice cream maker guy!

    I'm keeping an eye on the clearance aisle. Seeing if and when the prices drop.

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    I was pleasantly surprised to find not one, not two but six (!!) tan Ugnaughts on the pegs at a Louisville WM Saturday night. I bought two.

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    Neither Ugnaught is really all that rare here. I'd like to find the alien Bespin Guard though I fear it's fated to be like that clean-shaven Hoth Trooper.

    I wasn't going to pick up the AT-AT Driver or Snowtrooper from the ESB wave, but I think I will now, just in case the AT-AT rumors prove true. At least I'll be able to finish HK-50 in the process.

    I picked up an AT-ST for $20 today. The Dewback was half price but I passed. Maybe I should've got one.

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    Meijer has figures on sale this week for $6.49. I picked up the Imp scanning techie and a CW Greivous.

    At Target, I noticed the Geo two-packs' prices went back to $12.98.

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    Haven't seen anything of note the last few weeks. Run into remnants of the ESB wave here and there. The AT-AT Driver seems to be more popular than the others.

    I saw a couple AT-STs in the clearance aisle at WM but they were still full price. I might pick up another if I can get it for $20 or less.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ji'dai View Post
    I saw a couple AT-STs in the clearance aisle at WM but they were still full price. I might pick up another if I can get it for $20 or less.
    It's just a matter of time, Ji'dai. The AT-STs are currently located in prime lawn and garden space, so I figure they and the rest of the Christmas toys will be clearanced further in the next couple of weeks. At least by the end of the month.

    I picked up Matchstick (finally!!), the tank gunner and jumpsuit Padme today at the C'ville WM.

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    I saw the Deluxe STAP and Imperial Speeder Bike sets at TRU this morning. The ESB wave is more common, but still no sign of the new Clone Wars figures. I'm glad I just printed the Nahdar Vebb redemption form off the web and sent away for a couple of them last month.

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    I was at the Target in Nora (Indianapolis) yesterday and found some of the new CW wave. Alaya (sp) Secura's eyes have a really funky paint application, so I decided to hold of on picking her up. Looking forward to the pirate from that wave. He wasn't to be found.

    ESB wave seems to be everywhere.

    I stopped at the Castleton TRU tonight - nothing of interest.

    Waiting for those TRU exclusives in May...

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    I saw Bly & Jek and some other repacks at WM this morning. The WM's here put out long cardboard trays filled with Legends and old Clone Wars figs, thus ensuring that we won't see any actual "new" figures in quite some time.


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