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    Just as we thought. Went to tru Castleton today and surprise,surprise! They jacked the price of star wars figs back to 7.49? The funny thing is I kept two of the sale price tags and they clearly state that the price of 4.99 is good till 7/4/2010. I asked the manager what the deal was and of course she says"corporate". Again another case of false advertising by tru!!

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    Corporate, huh? Let's see if that changes. I've bought more SW stuff at TRU in the last two months because of sales.

    There is good news: Target's price cut on SW figures has been extended to July 5.

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    Yeah i saw that too! However Wlamart manager said the $4.50 price is valid thru the July 15th week set.

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    I just posted pictures over in this thread:

    Looks like the pegs are getting bare...

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    I hit the Meijer in Avon tonight and they had the Clone Wars Y-Wing fighter marked down for 32 bucks and change. They still had two on the shelf, so anyone who has been waiting, now might be your chance.
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    The pegs, at some stores, are getting thin. Like anorexic thin. Looks like some stores aren't even putting the effort to stock, if they even have something to stock.

    The last of the CW wave still eludes me.

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    Nothing new on the pegs, but I've noticed older CW figures, like Ahsoka and R2, making a return.

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    Toys r Us castleton just put out new legends and Clone Wars. Bogo is still in effect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mvader91 View Post
    Toys r Us castleton just put out new legends and Clone Wars. Bogo is still in effect.
    Saw your post at 12:54 EST today. I was at the store within 45 minutes. They only had just about a half-dozen legends remnants left (in the new packaging) on the pegs.

    A buddy of mine managed to score the entire Vintage wave and what he wanted from the new CW and Legends waves from TRU castleton this morning at opening. And of course it's buy one get one half off right now, so he made out fairly well.

    When I was leaving the store this afternoon, apparently the district manager was there. He asked as I was leaving if I found everything alright. I asked if he knew that his store apparently broke street date with new Hasbro products. He tried to justify it but, yeah, he basically knew he was breaking street date and it was his call. I know this store's hasbro rep. I have half a mind to give her a call...

    I was really hoping for another midnight madness event this year...

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    It's official: TRU has broken street date.

    I was at the TRU at Washington street when they opened this morning. They had 1 case of the new vintage wave out on the floor as well as the new CW wave 2 and all the new saga legends repacks.

    They also had one snowspeeder and one cloud car.

    A buddy of mine picked up the entire vintage wave and the vehicles. A store employee went to the back and brought out one more case of the vintage figs to put out. As he brought the box out, sure enough, there was a big orange sticker on it that said "do not put out before August 6, 2010." And he cut the box open and put them out right in front of me. So I picked up the new Han, Leia, Luke, & Dengar at the buy-one-get-one 50% off prices.

    So be aware that these are hitting stores now. If you don't find them straight away, don't panic. I believe come mid-August these will be EVERYWHERE at all our regular retail outlets...


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