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    Other than the renamed/repackaged Galactic Heroes, haven't seen much new stuff in the last week or so. Where are the new figures??

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    I got lucky this weekend. Found most of the latest CW wave at the C'ville Target: Commander Jet, snow Plo Koon, the new ARF and Hondo!

    At one of the local Kmarts, found the newest wave of vintage: B-wing, Hoth Rebel trooper, Wicket, Rebel Fleet trooper. And they have the Boba Fett mail-away offer included!!

    To celebrate I had some pumpkin spice donuts from Krispy Kreme. It was a good day.

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    Found the new CW astromech droid at TRU. Seeing the Revenge vintage figures hitting pretty regularly, too, at different stores.

    Capt. Fordo still eludes me. Might have to wait until he reships in the spring.

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    I managed to miss out on most of WM's post-Christmas SW purge. I did manage to find a battle pack for $9.90, though.

    Now waiting for the new stuff to hit.

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    Nice to see Target didn't follow suit and clearance everything out. The Clarksville store has the new display up.

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    Some of the new packaged figures are hitting the shelves before the street date. For the life of me, I couldn't tell the difference between the carded TPM Obi-Wan and the vintage TPM Obi-Wan, other than the price.

    Not thrilled with some of the figures. Too many repacks, and inferior repacks at that (swivel-hip Vader, just to name one.)

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    My wife gave me five of the WM 3D figures for Valentine's day. Glad she did, cause those figures have all but disappeared from the stores.

    Picked up a lot of individual figs and battle packs on clearance at various stores for customizing. Made a few new Jedi, including a clone Jedi!

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    Been out looking for the deleted scene vintage figures but to no avail. Really interested in the General and Mon Cal pilot.

    The WMs down here got another shipment of the 3D figures in. I picked up an extra Naboo pilot. Love the head sculpt.

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    Found the cancelled WM DVD packs at TJ Maxx today. The Obi-Wan set is okay, but the Ahsoka set has the clone with a removable helmet. $10 each.

    Picked up several TPM vintage figs during TRU's sale last week.

    Still on the lookout for the deleted vintage figs.

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    I've been pretty lucky lately. Found deleted scene Luke and Mon Cal pilot, both on badly bent figures, but hey, they're openers.

    Also found the Hoth Luke, CW Anakin and Imp Navy guy (old Death Star trooper) at Meijer. No sign of Malgus.


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