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    Luminara figure variation(s)

    before today i had seen the variation of this figure with 2 small tapes, and the one with 1 long peice. today i found one with only one peice of tape on it, and the word cloak showing. i saw it listed on the site too. I could only find one of this variation in i would say, well over 100 of this figure in several stores. It was the only luminara like this in the store i found it in. Is this the hardest variation to find? Has anyone else found it?

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    The initial run had the word 'removeable' blanked out with tape. The newer version, shipping with newer figures, has 'removeable' completely removed, thus no need for a sticker to cover it up. Along the same lines, Dexter's covered 'pipe' is completely gone.

    I would say it's the hardest to find only because the new waves aren't fully distributed yet. By summer's end, the only people who will care are the variation hunters who want both versions.
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    Yeah I found one a while back.


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