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    Anakin/Vader's suit in Episode 3

    I'm not sure if this has been discussed before or not. The other day I started wondering what Anakin's Vader suit will look like in Episode 3. I mean, Vader's suit did change (didn't it?) between ANH and ROTJ. Most everything else looks different in the New Trilogy. Maybe it will have a slightly different look to it than the one in ANH. What do y'all think?

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    It would probably be completely CG, like everything else in the prequel trilogy.

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    the only changes to vaders suit in the OT were the gloves, the paint job on the shoulder armor, and a chain added to the cape.

    hayden has really been bugging george about wearing the vader suit in E3, and he says george seems to be coming around to the idea.

    on a side note, did anyone notice the hanger personal around dooku's speeder wearing vader type helmets?

    rick mc callum has said we will see various characters wearing different parts of the vader suit.

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    The rumors about JEJ doing the voice of Vader in Episode III predate the release of TPM, I doubt Hayden has such clout.

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    Re: Anakin/Vader's suit in Episode 3

    Originally posted by brentfett
    I'm not sure if this has been discussed before or not. The other day I started wondering what Anakin's Vader suit will look like in Episode 3. I mean, Vader's suit did change (didn't it?) between ANH and ROTJ.
    Well, yeah, he lost a hand, got fried by the Emperor's Lightning....ok, just kidding, sorry.

    I think it would be cool to see the Vader suit in Episode 3, but it wouldn't hurt the movie if he didn't. Episode 3 could end on a cliff hanger where during some grand final battle scene, we don't see what happens to Anakin. That way, it would be a suprise when it is revealed in ESB that Darth Vader is Anakin Skywalker.
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    Hopefully, this won't be an issue. Having Vader running around slaughtering Jedi is ridiculous. Why? First, it blows off the suspense of the OT as if it isn't an important element. We might as well burn them as much as GL cares about how much he affects them.

    Secondly, when Anakin is hurt and goes into the armor, chances are that he wouldn't be "comfortable" in that new environment. That confidence we see in ANH won't come to him until months or years later. The guy is hurt. He goes on life-support somewhere. At some point, he puts on a portable life-support system (the costume), but the adjustment period won't be instantaneous. If it is, that's just plain ol' stupid.

    The only reason GL will write the mask into Ep III is because "the fans want to see it" or some hooey. Continuity/logic be damned as long as "the fans" get their rocks off for a quick minute.

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    Why is it ridiculous for Vader to "go around slaughtering Jedi?" That is the way it happened, is it not?

    It has never been said "Anakin Skywalker" went around slaughtering Jedi.

    At some point- Anakin Skywalker must die and Darth Vader must be born.

    I think it would be very dramatic to have the "birth" of Darth Vader- i.e. a short scene where you see the Darth Vader helmet being fitted onto Anakin's head, and Darth Vader- complete in the costume with cape and life support devices, stands and walks or says, "The Force is with us, my Master" or something like that.

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    Why would it be ridiculous to show Anakin slaughtering Jedi? It would be repetitive for one. For another he probably won't do this until after he gets his hind end handed to him by Obi Wan at the end of the film. There isn't any time to show such a laborious sequence.
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    hayden wearing the vader suit won't have any effect on jones doing the voice. what hayden has been referring to in interviews is that he wants to wear the vader suit as opposed to lucas hiring another body builder like david prowse.

    and from what lucas has said, the mechanical vader voice won't be needed except the last 5 minutes of the film.

    one thing i do find interesting is that hayden has said in interviews that george told him anakin will have a lot more mechanical parts in episode 3, leading me to believe that anakin may get seriously wounded between films and require more artificial limbs and the beginnings of the vader suit even before he faces off against obi-wan.

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    I hope Anakin doesn't get seriously wounded "between films". I want to see each time he gets jabbed by a light saber or shot by a droid. That'll take a lot of the excitement away.

    I'm curious how a mechanical arm can even compare with a real arm. And since midichlorians run through a Jedi's body, did Anakin lose 10% when his arm got whacked?
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