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    Carded Figure Display Cases

    I am making a call out for display cases for carded figures. These would be formulated to withstand light that would case discoloring and fading to the figure and/or plastic bubble. I just like the look of a carded figure and want it to stay looking good for many many years to come. Any one else?
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    Anyone? Anyone?
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    Doesn't StarCases and others make these already? I keep mine in boxes in the basement ( no room for display) but down the road I'd like to hang them on the walls in a Star Wars room. So hanging display cases would be cool.
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    I want something that I can buy at Wal-Mart and of quality, like the Tomy ones here:

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    That would be nice!!!

    Unfortunatly Wal-Mart and others do not carry such items.

    I have some star cases. I ordered 100 a while back and still need to order about 300 more.

    These are not designed to protect from UV, yellowing, etc.

    The only cases I know of are, HARD cases, if you want serious protection.
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    You could always just open all your figures Sir Steve. Come on, free them from their plastic prisons. You will feel so much better.

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    Even I have a few carded figures I'd like to have protected!
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