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    The Saga toys are now starting to fly off pegs!!

    I have been noticing lately that alot of the stores I shop at are slowly selling their SW figs. When the movie came out the pegs were full, now they are about half full. And these are the quote "pegwamers" that are selling. So glad to see them start selling more now. Maybe the newer waves will be easier to find since stores will (hopefully) order more figures.

    Right now the biggest pegwamers seem to be Jar Jar, Jango Kamino Escape, Anakin Peasant, and Cpt. Typho. Hard to find is anything new (even Qui-Gon) Yoda and Dooku.

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    I've noticed a lot more kids rummaging through the aisle than ever since the line rebooted in 1995. A good sign.
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    Yes I too have noticed alot more kids looking through the SW pegs. That's a good thing. Glad to see a whole new generation get into what I grew up with and loved so much.

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    There's still tons of figures around here. All crappy...
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    Oh come on now! Jango KE is simply awesome! I think there only a handful ever made that are better sculpted, and have more play value than Jango. Even has a firing rocket! $5.99?!
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    Thanks to Jango and the new prices they have no way to justify making the 300th Boba Fett a $10 statue when it was out.

    Too bad Episode 1 had to suffer so much, just think of what we could've seen if they had had good prices on the figures. While AOTC was better than TPM, still though, had they had they not been so greedy then they probably would've gotten more sells.
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    Yoda was basically a pegwarmer around here until the movie was released, now I don't see him at all.
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    Yes same here Caesar. I've seen kids looking and asking for him and just him alone. Looks like the kids made a connection with the little green guy.

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    "Yoda. You seek Yoda."

    MTFBWY and HH!!

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    Yoda, a pegwarmer?? I have yet to see him! I want him!
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