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    Passel Argente, or My SW education never ends!

    Let me get this out of the way - Passel Argente looks to me like a hybrid of the Djinn from Wishmaster and Yogurt from Spaceballs.

    Okay, I always assumed Passel was a new character in AOTC (if you don't recognize the name he's the green separatist on Geonosis). But last night while going through a pack of Young Jedi (TPM era) cards I found a card of Passel from TPM. I don't recall him in the film, do you?

    I'll include reference shots here, first the card from TPM . . .

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    And here we see our friend getting his nails done before filming.

    It makes sense that he would be around during TPM, I'm just wondering if the first card is a movie shot or a doctored image anticipating AOTC down the road ? ? ?

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    He's in a pod in the senate just barely noticeable on the left hand side of the screen at one point. Or at least that's what my memory is telling me. I know you can spot him in a pod at some point though. Probably as the camera pans round the senate during a period of jeering during the call for a vote of no confidence in Chancellor valoraloralum's leadership.

    The red assistant of Passel Argente is a new concoction for AOTC and she's called .... Kee. I forget what here first name is as it was rumoured to be Twink kee but they changed it.

    Passel can be found in the episode one visual dictionary wearing a horrid blue outfit. the same as on your card. which is in fact a doctored image. Here's a pic of a second of the same species in the senate chamber. A shot from TPM. I believe that the Passel wearing the blue outft was also in the same pod but is out of shot here.
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    Intresting Caeser. He probably was a background charecter in the senate scene somewhere. Probably only seen for half a second as the camera is panning around. What year did that set of Young Jedi cards come out?

    He also had a card in the regular edition of the Star Wars CCG cards back then. In the Coruscant set. I was looking at and can't find the Passal card in any of the sets. What set did he appear in?

    Doh, looking for photos and ole Jargo beat me to it. I don't think it's a doctored image though Jargo. Look at the base of his sleeves in that pic. It appears as if he's wearing the outfit he's pictured in on the cards, beneath that hidious brown robe.

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    Ahhhhhh yes, thanks Jargo!
    The guy in your pic looks creepy, I get the impression that he's weak and in need of clutching the rail.

    Looks like I have some pausing and zooming to do on DVD tonight! :happy:
    Jeez, 3 years and I never noticed him!

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    No, when I said doctored, I meant that the background and the pic of passel were blended. The pic of passel is from a continuity shot done by the costume team. the kind where they stand the character against a plain background so that publicity people can use the pic anywhere in any setting like they did with the AOTC characters too. Here's the costume shot I'm talking about, it's identical to the one on the card. Same pose and angle and all that.

    EDIT: Actually it's not the same image as Caesar posted but the same as the one JarJar posted. So I was right but only after JJB posted. Premonitionary posting or what. spooky. :happy:


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