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    Who was the other Niemodian?

    He had a voice that sounded like a character from Stargate. Who was he?
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    His name was Gilramos Libkath. Just a lacky for Nute Gunray.

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  3. #3 claims Lott Dod was in the film also.

    Also if you look in the hanger where the Trade Federation Small Landing Ship is you see another Neimodian dressed kinda like Rune in Ep I.

    I would've rather seen Rune in Ep II instead of Nute.
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    Voice mistake (Rune Haako) ?

    Is it me or does the movie mistakenly give Rune Haako the voice of Wat Trembor? The part that he speaks begins with the scene with Poggle the Lesser telling Count Dooku that they must order a retreat. Nute Gunray says something, then Rune. It sounds to me that there is a mistake there. The voice does not sound like Rune Haako to me. Anyone else notice?


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    I'm pretty sure that was never Ruune Haako.....

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    I can't remember the chap's name, but he isn't Rune Haako. I'm pretty sure that's from the Visual Dictionary or one of the other reference books that hit shelves in early May. As for what happened to Rune Haako, that's up in the air. But I think we can all safely assume it wasn't "leegahl."
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    But at the same token, his voice seems oddly deep because whoever said the line was the same species as Nute Gunray and we all know how his accent sounds. ( I am not saying that guy was Rune now that I see your point). Rune sounded similar to Nute because they were the same species. I believe whoever said that line should have had an accent similar to Nute's. It just doesn't seem right the way they have it now........

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    Why does it seem wrong? People from different parts of the country can have a different accent. So why is it implausible to believe that people from different parts of an alien planet would have different accents. Accent is not genetic, it is influenced by the culture and people you are surrounded by.

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    It was Gilramos Libkath, and as for why his voice was so deep I do not know, but didn't find it odd. In the theater it seemed to stick out quite a bit, but on the DVD the line he says doesn't seem so "in your face" anymore.

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    He sounds like the devil of South Park, I couldn't stop laughing in the Theatre in May!
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