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Thread: Jango vs. Maul

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    What if... ?

    What if Jango Fett had a close encounter with Darth Maul?? Man I would love to see that in a comic or something. What do you think would happen? Who would win in a fight? What is they teamed up? What if they mated!??!! What would their child look like? Gross and Crazy!! Or Zam Wesell and Aurra Sing??

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    Well lets see.
    What would happen? I have no idea.
    Who would win a fight? Given Jango Fett's track record with Jedi, I would have to give the edge to Maul.
    What if they teamed up? We would have the shortest lived team-up in Star Wars history. Both were cool, but far too easily killed in battle.
    What if they mated? Now that's a mental image I could do without.
    What would their child look like? Pretty darned freaky
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    Jango Fett Vs. Darth Maul

    I was debating this w/ a friend a few days back. He said that Jango faired well on Obi-Wan, and Obi-Wan was the man who killed Maul.

    I say that Maul was a better fighter than Obi-Wan, but he got unlucky.

    Jango did not last against Mace, and I think Maul would have given Mace a run for his money.

    So, in conclusion, Jango would get whooped by Maul.

    What does everyone else think?

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    Easily. Jango wouldn't even stand a chance. What I don't get is how come Obi-Wan can kick Darth Maul's a**, but he gets his a** kicked by an old man(Dooku).
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    i belive that maul just a little to cocky and didn't thinck, but he could of easily killed jango.
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    Originally posted by saladin
    i belive that maul just a little to cocky and didn't thinck, but he could of easily killed jango.
    My sentiments exactly. I think that Maul got a little over confident and assumed he had things wrapped up. But no, he stood there, swinging his lightsaber against the side of the pit, splashing sparks in Obi-Wan's eyes. If he had just drilled the thing right between Kenobi's eyes, while he was hanging there, it would have been over.

    Originally posted by SithDroid
    Easily. Jango wouldn't even stand a chance. What I don't get is how come Obi-Wan can kick Darth Maul's a**, but he gets his a** kicked by an old man(Dooku).
    I think Dooku is more powerful than Maul anyway. If you put those two in a fight, Dooku is going to come out on top. He has experience as a Jedi already, and falling to the Dark Side has made him even stronger. Just because he's old, doesn't mean he's weak .

    And to get back to the question at hand, yes Maul would demolish Jango Fett. And I think he'd do a lot more than just behead the guy...

    End :happy:.
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    Maul would hand Jango his... head. Jango is a talented bounty hunter, but all his tricks really just slowed Obi-Wan down a bit so Jango could make the quick getaway. Plus, Obi-Wan was trying to bring Jango back alive for questioning, if he had fully unleashed the power of the Force, I think Obi-Wan could have taken Jango down, just not alive.
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    Truly, I think Maul could kill Jango with one...maybe two swift strokes. The reason Obi-Wan got taken down was because Jango was able to do what Boba failed to do in ROTJ, he roped Obi-Wan and pulled him over so he lost his lightsaber and broke his concentration of getting it back. Why do I do think Maul would beat Jango? Cause he's got the dark side and a lightsaber, he would just probably force push Jango into a wall which would damage his jetpack (they get damaged quite easily) and then kick him the face and slice him apart in a single swing his lightsaber even if the first blade missed.
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    Dooku was taught by the best (Yoda), that's why Obi-Wan is no match against him.

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    I think this shows how bad Jango wanted to get away from Obi-Wan. He shot his rocket at him. To me, it seems like the rocket would be a last resort or used to completely obliterate something. Jango was worried. Throw some smugglers, gang members and petty thugs, and Jango would dispatch them with ease. Throw a Jedi at him or even a Sith and he'd be peeing himself. The only reason he went after Mace was because he thought that he was preoccupated with all the droids, so it would be easy to take him out. Jango was an excellent warrior, but he sure as pudding wasn't a Jedi.
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