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Thread: Good Idea!

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    Lightbulb Good Idea!

    I had an amazing idea. Why doesn't Hasbro do a series of super articulated Star Wars figures, quite like Toy Biz's Spiderman figures. It would be it's own seperate series and they would release maybe 2 figures per wave. They wouldn't make figures like Super Articulated Nute Gungray, they would only make the main and most wanted characters/variants. Does any one else think it would be cool to own a Super Articulated Darth Maul, or to have a Super Articualed Boba Fett or Han Solo on their desk?

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    Ugh, no. At the 3 3/4"-4" scale, articulation like that would make the figures joints in some places so thin, that they wouldn't be able to stand. Can you imagine the leg joints and articulation from one of those Spidey figures on a Star Wars figure. If notthat, then over time they would get weak or loose and then the figure wouldn't be able to stand, most likely at all.

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    I wouldn't mind a series like that, it could be at Spider-Man scale, or they could team up with ToyBiz for that line. I think it would really only work for figures in armor costumes and such, I can't see it looking very good on normal human-like figures.

    Definitely wouldn't mind seeing Battle Droid, Clone Trooper, and Stormtrooper figures with 30 points of articulation, or just the CT and BD.
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    Unfortunately, Hasbro doesn't have a good track record on "specialty" lines - Epic Force, Mega Action, now possibly Unleashed. The four inch figure scale items are by far their better fare, and more than 16 points of articulation on a figure that size is definately risky.
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    OHHHHHHH! Sorry forgot to mention that these would be the same size as the spiderman figures (well at least in my dreams!!!!) as for human figures maybe soft rubber or minimal cloth. But i think it would look good on Darth Maul, Chewbacca, Boba Fett, Jango Fett, Darth Vader, Super Battle Droid, and more. Plus maybe with robes it might look good on some jedis. But i do agree, it would look pretty dorky on a regular Luke Skywalker, but i could go for X-Wing Pilot.

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    Well, some of the new star wars figures have been slowly getting more articulation here and there, like bending at the knees! Who would've thunk it. haha

    As long as the figures continue to inspire more articulation I'll be happy. GI Joe dominated the 3 3/4 inch articulated character years ago! Hell, the new 3 3/4 GI Joes come 2 in a pack!

    Hopefully Star Wars figures will follow the same route.

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    Why would they produce another Star Wars line to the same scale as Spiderman? They already produce the 3 3/4" and 12" lines, isn't that enough? I say build upon the articulation of the current line.
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    I like the figures the way they are already.
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    Do we really need another line of Star Wars fig.'s? I've been happy with the increase in articulation on the current figures and one of the cool things about having 3 3/4 inch fig.'s is the storage capabilities. The main reason I don't collect the entire 12 inch line is due to the fact it takes to much space to display them. I enjoy them the way they are and love the amount of different characters we're seeing produced.
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    If all future figures would come with ball-socket shoulders, twisting wrists, swivel arms and bending knees in addition to the current standard articulation then I would be happy.
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