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    Will working at Toys R Us give me an advantage

    I'm thinking about getting a job at Toys R Us (i'm only 20) and I collect the figures ( I only buy one to open for my loose collection). I was wondering if any of you had ever had this job and all. Would it be an advantage in getting the right stuff? LMK what you think


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    Yes, there is an advantage. I worked at a Toy's R Us 4 years ago. The areas I was in charge of included party supplies, office supplies, and seasonal. At the time seasonal was mostly star wars so I knew where they were in the back. I was able to help myself and others at the same time. If you have any ?'s go ahead and ask.

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    what do you mean office supplies
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    Hi everyone, I haven't posted in a while but with new stuff finally out I am starting to feel star wars again. I also used to work at toys r us as well as kb toys. There is always an advantage if you are the guy unloading the trucks. But it also depends on the store. Because retail is dying in my home town right now, we seemed never to get the good stuff. Plus the toys r us that I worked at closed down, and it looks like the kb here is going that route too. But, if you work there, you have a better chance at getting things first and having fellow co-workers on the look out for things for you.
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    Who knows? It could go either way. You might end up finding the newest figures at other stores first though. My local TRU has nothing but the initial 4/23 fig.s on the pegs while the local Targets and Walmarts seem to get the new waves regularly.
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    Most stores have policies about "understocking," employees not putting items on the shelf to purchase them later. So if you do get a job at TRU, it would be a good idea to not go overboard with setting stuff aside for yourself. Maybe the occasional figure here and there, the management can turn a blind eye to if you are caught; but if you start hiding entire cases then you might have a problem.
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