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    Obi-Wan (Jedi Starfighter Pilot) looks BAAAAD.

    Have you seen the picuter of the new Obi-Wan figure? Without the cloak his arm look badly deformed.
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    True, but I refuse to judges figures based on internet pics anymore. They never look the same in person. Seems like every figure that people hate on the Net, turns out to be pretty good in person, and visa-versa.
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    Bingo, pthfnder89. Pictures on the net, especially early pictures like that, arn't a good judge of what the final figure will look like. Besides, with the headset he's really only good as a Jedi Starfighter Pilot version. So, most will never see his arm anyway, if it turns out like that. And on another note, if your doing a headswap to have a non-starfighter version, just swap the arm as well.

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    What pthfnder said. Before I saw any of the new figs in stores and all I had to go on was pics off the net, I thought the entire new line looked horrible. But then when I saw them in stores I was surprised at how incredible most of them looked. Pictures on the net can't accurately convey what a figure will look like in your hands no matter how good the pics are, or how many different angles the pictures are taken from, etc.

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    I don't think it looks that bad. True... the headband on his headset doesn't wrap that far around his forehead, but it's fine for the most part!
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    I plan on doing a head swap (and probably the arm too) if the figure looks a little better proportioned than the Coruscant Chase midget.

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    Is it possible to do a head and or arm swap with the droid-hanging Coruscant Chase version? I don't have one, and I wasn't planning on buying one because his body is made of that harder plastic and it's that much more difficult to customize.

    If this swap can work, we may be one step closer to an Obi-Wan that'll fit in Anakin's stolen speeder...

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    I'm happy as long as it fits in my Jedi Starfighter.
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    What's the other thing in his hand? (The non-deformed one... )


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