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    Help! I`m new and I need to know where I can get Star Wars EP:II cards by Topps!

    Hello, I am new here and I am a huge Star Wars fan and I love all the movies including the two prequels!

    Now you guys are the only ones to help Me out here. I want an entire set of the Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones trading card by Topps including all of the inserts. I don`t know where to look for the legit trading card place online.

    Can you please tell Me what is the legit trading card place that has all of the cards and a legit trading card place for non-sport cards in general?

    I`d appreciate it if you could reply as soon as possible.
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    I tried to go back to the fun way of collecting a set, by buying individual packs, for TPM. I am about 10 cards short. I'd like to get the AOTC set all at once, and I went to my local comic shop to ask. The owner said he hasn't seen a complete set yet, so maybe you'll just need to wait and be patient, Darth Hyde. As to the inserts, those will probably be harder to get all together. But, eBay would be the easy answer...
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    For individual packs, try your local comic shops or, if they still have them, Target. I've purchased the majority of my single packs from Target for $1.99.

    For complete sets, there are plenty of trading card websites you can purchase from. Try It's one of the better sites from trading and buying.

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    OC47150, I like to buy a complete SW EP II set, not packs. Can you please give me the the legit list of trading cards places that seel Star Wars card set and other sets? I really appreciate you responding.

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    Endless World --

    Feel the Force Trading cards --

    Utinni Card Shop -- he's going out of business and you might get a good deal.

    I've bought from all three places. Check out There is a 'buy' section where you can post messages.

    I hope that helps.

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    Thanks dude, EdnlessCards is great and I have found what I was looking for! The other two adresses arn`t working at this time but the fouth one is but the last two isn`t. I appreciate you doing this! Thanks alot!

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    Not a problem!

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    For me, I had the most luck networking with a few friends to trade with, not even for commons so much as for the foils, prismatics, and dioramics.

    I managed to secure every card but one - R2/3P0 prismatic. I tried bidding on eBay, but lost . . . then when I realized another friend was collecting, and that he had THREE of that same card, I was set. :happy:

    I'm starting to see complete sets now, going for around $15 for the basic set. But those chase cards are tough, a friend needed only Jango prismatic and found one last weekend for $3.
    I wouldn't mind paying a few dollars for one or two cards I need, but the cost will add up quickly if it's more than three.

    Bel-Cam, I have several TPM duplicates, I'd be happy to offer you any that you might need.

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    Thumbs up Thanks Caesar!

    I appreciate the advise Caesar It is always good to know that is people like you out there! I just wish there werew more people like you and the rest of of the people who were kind enough to help me out. Thanks Caesar and the rest of you guys, I really appreciate!

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    I admit, I gave up on trying to get any of the autograph cards for the time being. I bought endless packs and only got 3 'A' cards, and no 'B' or autograph cards. Maybe in time, when the prices drop, I'll go back and try to get some then.


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