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Thread: NC Finds

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    Found Amanaman and Leia at TRU on Independence on Friday at 9 pm

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    Greetings fellow North Carolinians!! I am not in Charlotte but I am in the Raleigh/Durham area. It sounds like you all are finding some good stuff down there. Here we are sort of hurting at TRU, but the Wal-Marts and Targets are thriving. We see a good amount of merchandise coming through. I also travel up to Virginia (Danville, South Boston) since I am not too far. I have found alot there, like the 25th Anniversary sets, the 12" Luke/Yoda, POTJ waves, etc. Anyways it is good to see that NC is getting mentioned on here!! Lets keep in touch and share what we have found!! Later!!
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    Found 12" Luke and Speeder Bike at Target on Rea Road for $19.90 Sunday. There was still 15 left. Also, has anyone found the FX-7 wave in Charlotte yet?


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