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    What toy have you got that you couldnt before?

    What was that one SW toy that you always wanted when you was younger but could never get or have. I know for me, it was the Falcon. I wanted that ship so bad that I had it for my birthday and christmas lists for the longest. My parents never got it for me, but after it was rereleased it was the first toy that I got!

    Anybody else?
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    I got everything I ever wanted back in the days of vintage Although I did want a Removable helmet Vader figure made then but they never did it so I was happy to see it made for the POTF2 line!
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    I wished I continued to collect the vintage figures when I was in junior high and high school, but playing with "dolls" was uncool. The last vintage figure I remember buying was the AT-AT driver.

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    The A-Wing! However, the POTF2 one was pretty substandard so I had to buy a vintage one to satisfy my childhood wish list.

    Also, a removable helmet Vader (got him) and a Millenium Falcon in correct scale to the figures (still waiting on this one). The only other figures I wanted as a kid I still don't have: Han Carbonite, Imperial Dignitary and Amanaman. I just haven't brought myself to fork over all that cash for a single figure. The Imperial Shuttle was also on my list, but I've decided to make that my last item to fulfill my childhood. If Hasbro hasn't made a new, superior one by the time I decide to buy it then I'll have to produce the cash for the vintage one.

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    Thumbs up

    The AT AT, Snowspeeder, X-Wing, and lots of figures!!
    As always...........L

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    For me it's the AT-AT, Electronic Falcon, Electronic X-Wing...
    Living where I live the list could go on and on.

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    Let's see, as a young nipper I found that money didn't grow on trees and I wasn't about to have any wishes granted, so ended up with just a handful of figures and a minirig - The shuttle one.
    I had the land of the jawas UK version without the escape pod and later managed to bully my family into getting me the AT-ST. But that was all I had.
    So in answer to the question, pretty much everything is what I wanted and have fought hard to find the stuff and bring my modern day collection to a fantastic level that I'm proud of.
    I still don't have a few bits and pieces but what i'm missing is more than made up for with the amount of stuff I cram into my cubicle like room. The thing I wanted quite badly as a kid was a tie fighter and I still don't have one. I'm hoping Hasbro bring out a new version sometime with larger wings than the vintage and POTF2 ones.

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    Talking Ships!!!

    Well for me, it has been mostly the exclusives that have been made available over the last year or so. I've found a Skiff, a Y-wing, a B-wing, and the Tie Interceptor so far. I didn't have any of these growing up. And last Summer I managed to grab Vader's Tie and an A-wing on clearance at TRU. I didn't have them either. So I guess I'm living proof as to why Hasbro keeps re-making so many ships.

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    Heck, back then I could only get stuff by saving up my allowance or doing odd jobs for $. Now I can pretty much just get what I want. However, I won't go out and spend tons of $ unless it's something HTF or very pricey.

    In the past year or so I've bought the POTF versions of the AT-AT and Falcon as well as the Queen's starship. I only did so because they went on sale. There's no way I'll waste a lot of money on something that is definitely not worth the price tag.
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