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    Thumbs up Who thinks R2 is the biggest hero in Star Wars?

    R2-D2 is great. He's always been a fav character of mine, but when you think about it, he's saved about everyone in the Star Wars universe.

    I really started thinking about this when Anakin makes the snide remark, "Don't worry, we have R2 with us." then Padme and Anakin laugh. Please hommies, R2 is a bad mofo. Let's examine the facts.

    Episode I: Saves Amidala and everyone else on the ship as the Trade Federation fires. She thanks R2 which is I think the only real time R2 gets real credit for doing anything.
    Episode II: R2 saves Amidala yet again in the droid factory, not to mention C3PO...although it could be argued R2 was trying to assassinate C3PO by pushing him off into the droid factory abyss. haha..
    Episode III: We have yet to see whether he will save anyone but my guess is he will.
    Episode IV: R2 saves the galaxy and C3PO by hosting the plans for the DeathStar and getting C3PO to follow him into the escape pod.

    R2 then saves Leia, Han, Chewbacca and Luke from being crushed in a trash compactor.

    R2 saves Luke by keeping his X-Wing in running condition during the trench run. Vader ( the same boy that once said, "don't worry, we have R2 with us") kills r2 by shooting him in the head. When Luke returns, they fix R2, but he gets no medal. No wonder he couldn't keep still at that ceremony.
    Episode V: R2 saves Luke, Leia, Han, Chewbacca, can C3PO by finally fixing the hyperdrive. He also saves C3PO again by putting him out when he's on fire.
    Episode VI: R2 saves Luke by shooting the lightsaber out his head. Without it, Luke would have had a tougher time deflecting lasers I would say. R2 saves C3PO one time from Salacious crum who's eating his eye, and again by pushing him off the sail barge before it blows up.

    Before it's over R2 tries to save the galaxy by opening the door to the shield generator. He gets shot and killed by a stormtrooper.


    I think R2 saves the most *** in this entire series then any of the other characters. Am I wrong? Let's hear it for R2!!

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    R2 is awesome but i wouldn't go as far as saying he is the greatest hero.

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    He quietly saves the day... :happy:
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    Of course he saves the day in every movie, if you have listened to the DVD audio commentary, George says he introduced R2-D2 first in TPM, cause he's his favorite charecter. Lucas is bias against Threepio. A look at AOTC's, not to mention any of the movies will prove that Georgie loves to have C-3PO suffer.

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    C3PO: "We seem to be made to suffer, it's our lot in life"
    R2-D2: "Yea, whatever pal, speak for your own slow deluded butt."

    haha..Yoda is my favorite character, but R2 is a close second. Astromech droids rule.

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    R2 is the only constant in all the SW films. He always comes through (except for at the end of Jedi, but that's done to emphasise the desperation of the scene) and without his heroic actions, Palpy would have no worries whatsoeer. HE's the biggest threat to ol' Palpy, in a roundabout way, and the ol' bastad doesn't even know it. I love R2, in a lotta ways he's my favorite character.
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    Man, just think how much faster Palpatine could have taken control of the galaxy if only he would have had more R2 units under his control.

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    Originally posted by OriginalBryGuy
    Man, just think how much faster Palpatine could have taken control of the galaxy if only he would have had more R2 units under his control.
    Lol, so THAT's how the Jedi are finally exterminated! Palpy sends an army of Astromechs after them to scorch them in the a** with his arc welder.
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    Ya know the scene in AOTC, where Padme' and Anakin are riding in freight class and you're expecting them to jump up and start clod dancing like in Titannic, then you thank the fates we're spared from that when we see R2 in the chow line...

    Cook: Hey! No droids!
    R2D2: Tweedledeedoop?
    Cook: Take off!
    R2D2: Zurpblat!

    Hehehe...he's a fiesty little one...

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    I will never love a fictional character more than I loved R2D2 when I was 8 and he fixed the hyperdrive in ESB. Unreal. Everything that little coke can with legs does is critical to the well being of the human heroes. I can hear his little beeps now, and imagine their translation: "Here we go again, those ingrateful bastards better lube me up good for this...."


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