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    Angry WHY! i STILL can't find these with a background!

    we FINALLY found plo koon with a background today. but we still can't find dexter or battle droid with a background! this is insane! they have millions of battle droids but absolutly zero of them have it. does anyone else have this problem?
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    I had the same problem in my area finding Dexter w/background but went to Times Square TRU while on vacation and I solved that problem. Other than him I'd say the hardest one's to find in the N.W. area with backgrounds are the Battle Droid and the Genosian Warrior.
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    Never come across a background Dexter myself. it's the only one I am missing. Probably due to all the pipe variations in the figure- likely all snapped up. Ebay prices are reasonable though. I haven't seen too many R2's with backgrouds either.
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    I can still find Geonosian warrior and battle droid with backgrounds. The ones I can find with the inserts are R2-D2 and Dexter.

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    I hate those stinkin' backgrounds! The only one I have is from Jorg Sacul, I hate it hate it hate it!
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    The only background that I couldn't find was the Geonosian Warrior...

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    Awwww! Cannot get your ship out! If you hate Sacul I would gladly relieve you of the burden!!! Or you could hold him for awhile and get the big bucks...
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    I got most of my figs on release night. Honestly, I don't care for the flimsy cardboard inserts...sure they all have them in my collection thus far...but the cardboard...can this really mean "collector's item" ? I think in Twenty years, cardboard or not, my figures will be worth my son's college education! He'll just have to get his own collection!

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    I just saw a few figs with background inserts yesterday - R2, Padme, and the Battle Droid I think.

    The Geonosian Warrior (for some reason) has been EXTREMELY hard to find in my area, but the two times I've found him, he had the insert. The Dexter I bought to open had the insert.

    There are still tons of Battle Droids w/insert around here, if you want me to pick you up one for cost + shipping....

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    I hate the inserts.... while they are in the bubbles anyhow. They make nice little mini backdrops for little groupings of figures.
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